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#TrendAlert: People Are Making Face Masks At Home Using A Bandana & Hair Ties & Why Not!

#TrendAlert: People Are Making Face Masks At Home Using A Bandana & Hair Ties & Why Not!

The world is in the middle of a global health crisis and people are doing all that they can to fight the coronavirus including practising social distancing.

New guidelines by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggest that asymptomatic carriers (people who don’t have/show symptoms but are still positive) may be able to spread the virus. So, their recommendation is to wear cloth masks or a cloth covering your face if at all you need to step out of the house for groceries or medicines. This will enable containing the spread of the virus even if you don’t know that you have it. They have also specified that the face coverings can be fashioned from old clothes after they’re thoroughly washed and disinfected. 


Are you thinking what I am thinking? That’s a license to put your fashionista mind to work. People all over the world including influencers and some celebrities have been posting videos of them making face masks using old bandanas and two hair ties. It’s so effortless that you can do it! Let me not make you wait anymore and dive straight in for a quick tutorial of how you can do so while at home!

How To Make A Stylish Face Mask At Home

This is undoubtedly one is the easiest hacks for someone who doesn’t know how to sew but wants to keep their face covered and protected fashionably. The renowned international hairstylist, Bridget Brager reveals how to go about this DIY.


You’ll need:

– A bandana or square-sized scarf
– A couple of hair elastics



Take a look at the video below to understand how it’s done


Another reason that might encourage you to pursue this is how the DIY can be reversed to become your good ol’ bandana again!

In times like these when all we can do is extract positives out of the little things in life, why don’t you fashion mavens use these face masks as an extension of your personal style? You can use different patterns and prints of cloth for this purpose to stay safe and make a style statement at the same time. Way to make quarantine more productive and fashion more sustainable!


The CDC has urged that given the shortage of N-95 masks, they should be reserved for the healthcare professionals treating COVID-19 patients. If you have any at home, we urge you to donate them to hospitals so needs can be met.

As much as we may not want, these face masks seem to be the fashion accessory that we’ll have to live with till the time there are no more new coronavirus cases.


Featured Image: Twitter, Unsplash

06 Apr 2020
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