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Try Our Desi-Girl Friendly Latte Makeup Tutorial & Thank Us Later!

Try Our Desi-Girl Friendly Latte Makeup Tutorial & Thank Us Later!

TikTok and Instagram seem to be the pioneers of viral makeup trends these days. From Mermaidcore to Barbiecore and Vampire Skin, we’ve seen a lot of trends emerge this year. The latest one to hit the scene? Latte makeup. Unlike its name, this trend doesn’t have anything to do with your daily cuppa.

It’s time to set your blush aside as this look involves no bright colours and works best with browns that match your skin tone. And since the trend is just getting started on Instagram after taking TikTok by storm, here’s all you need to know about it.

What Is The Latte Makeup Trend?

Think sunkissed, almost tanned skin with a dewy golden glow that shimmers when the light hits right. It’s time for blush to take a backseat and let your inner bronze goddess out with this trend. This look is all about diffused makeup in shades of brown that match your skin tone, with smokey brown eyes, a nude glossy lip, and bronzer on the cheeks that makes for a minimal yet elegant glow.

It’s perfect for both, summer and the cooler autumn months as it creates the illusion of a healthy glow on the skin thanks to the seamless blending.


How To Get The Latte Makeup Look?

Do Your Base

Create a flawless base with a foundation and blend it well into your skin. The Smashbox Studio Skin 24 Hour Wear Hydra Foundation blends well into the skin, is water resistant and makes for the perfect base.

Conceal, Conceal, Conceal

The Latte Makeup look creates the illusion of healthy, glowing skin. Use a concealer like the MyGlamm Super Serum Concealer, to cover up pigmentation under your eyes and spots anywhere else on your face and blend it out well. Shar

Sharpen Your Brows

Using a brow pencil or gel, fill in the gaps to make your brows look fuller and fluffy. The PIXI Natural Brow Duo comes with both, a pencil and gel that helps create fuller brows and keep them in place. It’s my go-to product since it’s so simple to use!

Contour Is Key

To give your cheekbones that sculpted and lifted look, use a contour stick. Apply it on the highs of your cheeks and jawline and blend it out well for a more in-depth look. To contour your skin, you will want to pick a shade or two darker than your skin tone to really highlight your features.


I like using the MyGlamm POSE HD Foundation Stick as a contour as it blends seamlessly and does the job well.

Highlight Your Eyes

To highlight your eyes, a little eyeshadow from the POPxo Eyeshadow Kit – Nood Crew, is perfect. First, swipe on a lighter brown shade on your eyelids to create a base and top it off with a darker, more pigmented brow hue. Here, you can go as dark as you want to really make your eyes pop.

Top it off with a little champagne-glittery shade close to your brow bone and inner corner of your eyes. And don’t forget to apply a little brown eyeshadow to your under eyes as well to create that smudged effect.

Top this off with an eyeliner. A dark brown shade from the POPxo Liquid Eyeliner Kit – Eye Gotchu will help you create a precise wing to ace the look.


Get That Glow

To further build a more in-depth look, apply a powder bronzer to your temples, close to your hairline, and the cheekbones. Blend this well since a little product goes a long way.

Next, to get that sunkissed look, a dash of shimmer and shine is essential. A powder highlighter works best to highlight the high points of your face. With a brush, dab some gold powder at the high points of your cheeks, your brow bone, the tip of your nose, and your chin, to really shine through.

The MyGlamm Chisel It Contour Makeup Kit – Face Value, comes with both, a bronzer and highlighter.

Final Touches

No look is complete without some mascara and a dash of gloss. To get those really long, voluminous lashes, the cult-favourite Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara is perfect.


The POPxo Lip Gloss Kit – Glazed, has the perfect shade of mocha gloss, to complete the look.

My weekend brunch look is sorted and I’ll be recreating it with a whole ‘latte’ love!

Featured Image: Instagram

13 Jul 2023

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