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10 NEW Eyeliner Trends For A *Gorgeous* Look!

10 NEW Eyeliner Trends For A *Gorgeous* Look!

Basic is nice, pretty even, but going bold once in a while can earn you so many compliments as far as eyeliner styles go. Ladies, if you’re tired of going basic with your eyeliner all the time, then it’s time to amp up your eye makeup game right now. Here are 10 oh-so-amazing and pretty eyeliner trends that you will fall in love with. These latest trends will make you look absolutely gorgeous and you’d want to wear your eyeliner this way every day. Have fun, girls!


1. Flower power

1 eyeliner trends

Image: Kendall Zimmerman on Instagram

We’re loving this eyeliner trend, ladies! Don’t worry, no matter how complicated this looks, it’s super simple to do and you’ll look amazing. All you have to do is create five tiny dots with two or more liquid eyeliners in your favourite colours in such a way that they look like flowers. Just relax while you make this pretty style on your eyelids, it doesn’t need to be perfect. You can either stop it at the outer corner of your eyes or make a wing too – looks gorgeous either way!

2. Ombre is the new black

2 eyeliner trends

Image: Shutterstock

This stunning and sultry trend is super easy to wear on your eyes. Start by making your usual winged liner on the upper eyelids. Make sure to line your inner corners and a small portion of your lower waterline as well. When you’re done, take a blue eye pencil and line the middle of your lower waterline with it. Join your wing to the outer corner of your eyes, and to give it a slightly smoky look, you can smudge the eyeliner on your bottom lashline.

3. Jazz it up!

3 eyeliner trends

Image: Huda Kattan on Instagram

If you’re not big on super fancy eyeliners, not to worry because we have something for you. Apply your usual winged eyeliner and when you’re done with it, use a white shimmery eyeshadow to line your lower lashline. Doing this will help in making your eyes pop and it will make them look bigger. This look is perfect for all your nights out. Slay that look, girl!

4. Thicker lower lashline

4 eyeliner trends

Image: Shutterstock

To amp up your look, go for thicker liner on your lower lash line. Line your upper eyelids with a black liner, then take another eyeliner in your favourite colour and line your bottom waterline with it. Make sure that it is thicker than the liner on top to get that perfect look. Join the two colours at your outer and inner corners and voila, you’re good to go!

5. Smoky is sexy

5 eyeliner trends

Image: Shutterstock

How can we not include a smoky eye look in our list? The smoky look has been in trend for ages and has been improvised upon multiple times. Make a neat winged liner look and be sure to cover your inner and outer corners, as well. Then, with the help of a black eyeshadow crease your eyelids and make a winged look with this product, too. Fill in with your favourite eyeshadow and you’re good to go, girl!

6. Crease it

6 eyeliner trends

Image: Kosova on Instagram

Winged liner with a twist – this eye makeup look is absolutely perfect for days when you want to shine bright like a diamond. Make an angled winged eyeliner look and when you’re done, crease your eyelids with a shimmery white liner. Apply mascara and voila, you’re ready to rock this gorgeous look!

7. Golden beauty

7 eyeliner trends

Image: Shutterstock

Want the perfect look for a wedding? This trend of layering your basic black liner is what you need to slay the wedding makeup game. Make a sleek winged eyeliner look and layer it with a pretty golden coloured eyeliner. This trend is so amazing and you’ll look absolutely gorgeous in this!

8. Cut-it-out

8 eyeliner trends

Image: Gigi Hadid on Instagram

This eyeliner trend is for the girls who love their basic winged eye look. To create this look, apply your black liquid liner along the lash line and flick it out for a winged tip. At the center of your eyelid, draw a second line and connect the two lines on the outer edge of your eyes. Do not fill out the triangle to give it the perfect cut out look.

9. Blue feels

9 eyeliner trends

Image: Kendall Zimmerman on Instagram

Ditch your black eyeliner ladies, because blue is here to make your eyes look so pretty. Take a blue eyeliner and make your favourite winged eye look. This colour is a breath of fresh air and will make your eyes pop. You see the matte orange-ish shadow around it? Do it the same way, ladies!

10. Dual winged eyeliner

10 eyeliner trends

Image: Shutterstock

This is an improvised winged eyeliner look that will look gorgeous on all you pretty ladies. To create this look, start with making your normal winged liner. Then, create a line, starting from the middle of your eyelid and make another wing on top of the first one. Apply mascara and flaunt this pretty look!

So, which one’s your favourite?

08 May 2017

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