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12 AMAZING Last Minute Birthday Gifts For Boyfriend!

12 AMAZING Last Minute Birthday Gifts For Boyfriend!

This Story was updated in February 2019.

So you spent your days looking for the perfect gift for your boyfriend and now that his birthday is almost here, you are left without any gift for him?! Don’t worry, we are here to rescue you with some amazing last minute birthday gifts for boyfriend to surprise him and make his day a special one – without even giving a gift!

Last Minute Birthday Gifts For Boyfriend

Here are 12 amazing last minute gift ideas for him to make his day memorable and special.

1. Write him a letter

Pen down your thoughts about him and tell him how loved he is. Let him know how happy you feel on his birthday as today was the day he was born!


1 gift ideas for your boyfriend

2. A date where you both met the first time

If you both met in college, take him back to the same spot where you both used to spend maximum time together. Going back after all this time to the same place and reliving all the old memories, would make you both have a lot of fun together!

3. Naughty coupons

This is an easy DIY which you could do one day before his birthday. Surprise him by making coupons of all the naughty things you both might want to do together. A naughty birthday surprise is a surprise your boyfriend would love from you! *Wink*

3 gift ideas for your boyfriend


4. A thread of surprises

Reach your boyfriend’s house on the morning of his birthday and decorate his house. Without waking him up, tie a thread on his hand and make the other end of the thread reach the place where you have made all the decorations. Let him wake up, follow the thread and bring in his birthday with a big smile on his face.

5. Channel your inner Master Chef

Put on your chef’s hat and surprise your boyfriend by cooking all of his favorite dishes for him. It could be as simple as baking a cake or even making Maggie for him. The mere fact that you tried to cook for him would be special!

5 gift ideas for your boyfriend

6. Jar of messages

Get his friends and family to write a birthday note for him and also share one memory that they have with him. Collect these notes and hide them around his room and let him get surprised when he goes to various parts of the house and finds a note in every corner.


7. Plan a road trip

Just pack your bags and gift him a road trip to a nearby town! Relax, enjoy and make his birthday memorable for him.

7 gift ideas for your boyfriend

8. Paramotoring

Gift him a joyride and let him get a glimpse of flying in the air. Book a para motor ride for him and let him celebrate his birthday in the sky! You can easily book it here.

9. Plan surprises

Cherishx would help you plan instant and last-minute surprises for your boyfriend’s birthday. They can help you plan the perfect dinner date or set up a movie date night or even have his room decorated with balloons and flowers!


9 gift ideas for your boyfriend

10. Gift him your time

This is the best gift you could give him. Dedicate your day to him, let him pick the way he would like to spend it and just be together on this special day!

11. Give Him A Good Massage

It may sound weird but tell us yourself, who would not love a good massage and a super relaxing birthday with their loved one cuddling for a whole day? Your answer is definitely positive, so go and prep for a massage session.

12. Make A Wishlist And Complete It In A Day

Nothing is more special than completing your wish list. So, ask him and make a wish list of things he always wanted to do but didn’t because of any certain reason. This will surely make his birthday a lot more special.


So, these were the 12 last minute birthday ideas for boyfriend.

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04 Jan 2017

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