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Actor Lana Condor Spills Her Beauty Secrets & They’re  Surprisingly Easy To Follow!

Actor Lana Condor Spills Her Beauty Secrets & They’re Surprisingly Easy To Follow!

Lana Condor is adorable AF. Ever since she starred in the Netflix original To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before we’ve been crushing on her hard. Her character Lara Jean was so relatable, and was probably one of the many reasons the movie became such a hit worldwide!

In real life too, she’s nothing but adorable. From sharing cute snaps of her doggo Emily to taking selfies with her food (seriously, where do were have to sign up to become her friend?), she’s all of us but more! But personally, I am more interested in her makeup selfies because she looks so stunning in every picture she posts! I’ve always wanted to know her beauty secrets and looks like my prayers have finally been answered.

Lana’s Beauty Secrets

Recently, the 23-year-old star was announced as the new face Of Neutrogena and she’s hella excited, to say the least. In an interview she gave on Zoom, she shared her makeup secrets and you bet we took notes.

Always Wear SPF

We always say make SPF your BFF and Lana agrees! She says, “Incorporate using a sunscreen every day, even if you’re not outside.” Girl, preach!

She also revealed that her mom says if you see light, you should be wearing sunscreen as her mom had a skin cancer scare once. “Just wear your sunscreen now, while you’re young and you still haven’t had the damage. Hopefully, you haven’t had the damage already”, she adds.

Drink Water And Stay Hydrated

Drinking up to 8 glasses of water is the best thing you can do for your skin, even though it comes with the downside of increased bathroom visits. Lana drinks her water so, and so should you!

She says, “I’ve been pounding water; I keep getting up to go pee.” Same Lana, same!

Big Fan Of Sheet Masks

We at POPxo love wearing sheet masks! Just because Coronavirus has made it mandatory to wear masks whenever you step out, doesn’t mean you should not compromise on your skincare because nobody’s seeing your face!

Maskne is a real thing and Lana agrees. She says, “Masks are obviously amazing, we need masks, we must wear them, but we also must wear sheet masks. And if you have maskne, take off your mask when you’re at home, and wear a sheet mask.”

Guys, are you listening to this golden advise?

Always Remove Makeup

No matter what’s the emergency, always remove your makeup before getting your beauty sleep.

Did you know that Lana used to be a dancer? Neither did we! She says that she used to wear a lot of stage makeup in her dancing days and it taught her the importance of taking off makeup. She swears by makeup wipes but we think you can try out other options such as a cleansing balm or micellar water (for environmental concerns).

Watch the super fun interview below:

OMG, she’s so relatable, isn’t she? Celebs, they’re just like us after all!

Featured Image: Instagram

30 Jul 2020

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