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Dear Boyfriend, This Excuse Is VERY Lame!!

Dear Boyfriend, This Excuse Is VERY Lame!!

Dear Boyfriend,

We know that men and women are from different planets and all that. And that us women sometimes can be very demanding creatures. But there is one demand of ours that you should absolutely meet – which is that of making a little bit of effort. So please stop making up really silly excuses for stuff, and get with the programme! We will adore you for it, promise!


Your Girlfriend

1. “No, have to go to a friend’s friend’s birthday party.”

When I have invited you to my friend’s anniversary. And you’re supposed to be meeting ALL of my friends for the first time ever.

excuses boyfriends make 1

2. “Oh, I forgot.”

As the explanation for cancelling last-minute on a movie plan we made TWO WEEKS ago. What am I supposed to do with your ticket – eat it?!

3. “My mom is calling me.”

I know she’s not. Stop trying to avoid this conversation!

4. “I don’t wanna go home and change shoes.”

You KNEW we were going to that club this evening. WHY are you pretending it’s the dress code? At least be honest and say that you want to go somewhere else!

excuses boyfriends make 4

5. “I had no 3G.”

As an explanation for not replying to my WhatsApp message for 16 hours!! Did someone smash your WiFi router or something?!

6. “Oh, my friend must have been using my phone.”

THAT’S your excuse for liking that girl’s photo?!

7. “I’m going to sleep, I’m tired!”

At NINE in the evening? Umm.. You can just tell me if you want some personal time to do your thing! I would TOTALLY respect that.

excuses boyfriends make 7b

8. “Oh, I barely know her, she’s just very friendly.”

OHHH! That’s why she’s all over your Facebook profile, commenting on even the comments on your pictures?!

9. “Oops! Some really important work came up.”

From where? Your imagination?

10. “There was so much traffic!”

Really? That’s the oldest one in the book! How about you leave on time in the future?!

excuses boyfriends make 10

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05 May 2016

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