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Sensible (sk)Invenstment: Here’s Why You Should Not Buy All Of ‘Kylie Skin’ Products

Sensible (sk)Invenstment: Here’s Why You Should Not Buy All Of ‘Kylie Skin’ Products

Another day, another Kardashian-Jenner controversy! Only this time, it involves Kylie Jenner and her new (and old) skincare products!

Kylie Jenner became a popular name (not that she really needed it) in the world of makeup with her first-ever launch of the Kylie Lip Kits in 2015. The launch did not go without a hitch, and in fact, it did succumb to controversy when a lot of customers complained about receiving bad quality products. The customers claimed that the doe-foot applicators of the lipsticks were destroyed and completely unusable. Fortunately, she did refund all the money to customers and all was well in the world!

Owing to the popularity of her products, Kylie expanded her business, and quickly everyone wanted to get their hands on every Kylie product.

Despite being super popular and successful, Kylie made a lot of business mishaps that made us question the brand. Pricing a cheap makeup brushes’ kit at a whopping $360, selling the exact same shade under two names and increasing the price of one, customers receiving empty highlighter pans are just some of the controversies (or should we say kontroversies?!) we came across in news reports. And how can we forget that she was also sued for copying a smaller indie brand’s campaign photographs!

Despite all this, her brand has come out as one of the most popular beauty brands.

Kylie Skin: Everything That’s Wrong With It

Last year, Kylie launched her skincare line, Kylie Skin, and let’s just say people weren’t too happy about it! The first batch of products included a facial scrub, moisturiser, wipes, toner, and a foaming face wash! They sound like your regular, everyday skincare products, so why are people dragging her on the Internet? Here’s why!

Walnut Scrub

The walnut scrub that Kylie claims give you smooth skin in no time is actually not a product that you should be using on your skin. Walnut granules cause micro-tears into your skin as walnut shells are hard. Now, imagine scrubbing your skin with tiny, hard shells. Ouch!

Thank you, next!

Facial Wipes

The wipes may end up flaring your skin if they are strongly scented. And let’s not forget the time when Kylie did a demo for her face wash where she showed us that she doesn’t know how to actually wash her face! You don’t believe me, watch the hilarious fail below!

Now, let’s talk for a bit about her newest addition to the Kylie Skin line. On August 1st, Kylie launched four more products- a CCC stick, clarifying facial oil, detox face mask, and a brush to apply it. Again, pretty basic skincare products right? So, what did Miss Jenner do this time that’s making dermatologists so restless?

It’s the CCC stick!

You must be wondering, how can this tiny stick cause controversies? Allow us to shed some light on it. Kylie’s CCC stick or the Clear Complexion Correction stick (try saying that 5 times back to back!) is a spot correction solution that can help you get spotless skin with every touch. The powerful ingredients, such as Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid, Tea tree oil, and Witch Hazel promise to tackle your skin woes. All you need to do is, open the tube, apply it to the affected area, and close the lid.

That’s the exact problem, right there. The wand will touch the affected skin, you apply it on your face and then you keep it back in the tube. Imagine the bacteria it’ll harbour inside the product, not to mention how unhygienic this is! And don’t get me started on witch hazel, if you have dry skin, don’t even think about buying this!

As cute and adorable the packaging might be, we have one question we would like to humbly ask Miss Jenner–Kylie, have you ever even used your own products or making money is your only goal here?

Featured Image: Instagram

04 Aug 2020

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