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KWK 7 Episode 7 Highlights: Vicky Kaushal & Sidharth Malhotra Had Us Swooning Over Their Camaraderie

KWK 7 Episode 7 Highlights: Vicky Kaushal & Sidharth Malhotra Had Us Swooning Over Their Camaraderie

Our Wednesday night got a lot steamier as we sipped some Koffee with the hottest Punjabi mundas. KJo had us stunned yet again as he brought two handsome hunks—Vicky Kaushal and Sidharth Malhotra—to the magical Koffee With Karan Season 7 couch. The episode had us gushing, blushing, and swooning over these boys all at once! It is also the first time we saw Vicky and Sid appear on-screen together and NGL, their camaraderie was endearing. The duo had us hooked with their smiles, honesty, and sophistication. 

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5 Highlights Of Koffee With Karan 7 Vicky Kaushal-Sidharth Malhotra Episode: 

Vicky Being Head Over Heels In Love With His Wife 

KJo just doesn’t make dreamy love stories on-screen, looks like he even directs them IRL. Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif’s love story is one that started on the Koffee couch after Kat said that she thought she would look really good with Vicky Kaushal. In this episode, Vicky revealed that only after that did he realise that Katrina even knew he existed as they hadn’t even met. Talking about his marriage he said, “I feel truly lucky to have a life partner in her. I really learn a lot from her and she really grounds me.” 


Sid Hinting On His Relationship With Kiara 

Kiara Advani and Sidharth Malhotra’s relationship is not quite a secret anymore. Although the duo has never officially confirmed dating each other, their mini getaways and cute insta comments are enough confirmation for us. While on the Koffee couch which is now renamed the “couch of manifestation”, Sid almost confirmed his relationship. When asked which actress does he hope was still single, he replied, “I’m just happy Kiara is single.” We don’t know what Sid and Kiara have planned for the future, but we’re pretty darn excited to see KJo dance on dola re dola on their sangeet!

KJo & Alia Drunk Dialing Vicky 

Karan Johar revealed that Alia and him drunk-dialed Vicky one night right before he tied the knot with Katrina. Karan said, “Alia and I were star gazing and drinking wine, and wondering who we could call. We’ve both known Katrina for years. We’ve got to know you (Vicky) much later. Her getting married made us so emotional and happy.” Well, we agree with Karan and Alia. Vickat makes our hearts melt too! 

Vicky’s Attitude Towards His Films Getting Shelved

Vicky’s two big projects Takht and Ashwatthama, have been delayed indefinitely due to COVID reasons. However, Vicky’s positive attitude towards these setbacks is a major motivation for us all. He admitted to feeling a certain way about the situation and said that he immediately hit the gym and did the most difficult workout to vent it all out but the feeling stayed with him only for a day. He added, “After a few hours, I find the logic behind it and I stop feeling emotional about it. I do crave it but it never sends me into a space where I feel gloomy about it. I have this faith so strong in me that everything happens for the best.” Well, this Punjabi munda is quite sorted!


Karan Johar Roasting His Own Film 

While discussing a ‘thirsty’ scene in SOTY when Sidharth’s naked body was drenched in water, Karan asked him what else he expected from the movie. “What did you think Student Of The Year was about? The screenplay? There was no scene and no scope for performance. None of them won any debut award.” Sid tried to defend his debut film by saying that Karan brought depth to the characters to which KJo hilariously replied, “What depth you had in the character? Which film are you talking about?” NGL, KJo’s ability to make fun of himself only makes us love him more! 

If you haven’t caught this episode already, what are you waiting for? Bless your eyes by streaming the latest Koffee With Karan Season 7 episode on Disney+ hotstar, if you haven’t already.

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18 Aug 2022

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