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Social Media Is Fake: Kriti Sanon Calls Out Media’s Insensitivity To Sushant’s Death

Social Media Is Fake: Kriti Sanon Calls Out Media’s Insensitivity To Sushant’s Death

Ever since Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s untimely demise, the social media scene has changed, or to quote a lot of celebrities, become “hypocritical”. Netizens have been leaving hate comments, pressuring and harassing actors Kriti Sanon, Ankita Lokhande, and Rhea Chakroborty (his ex-girlfriends) to comment on his death. Because according to them, you’re not grieving if you’re not publically broadcasting your pain. At the same time, those who are actually posting RIPs are deemed “hypocrites” for not caring about the late actor when he needed their support most. The media has been extremely insensitive in reporting the news too–shoving mics in his loved ones faces asking “Kaisa lag raha hai apko?” for starters.

Enough is enough. And Kriti Sanon’s latest post calling social media “the fakest, most toxic place” shows exactly how media today is crapping all over ethics of journalism in their reporting of sensitive events. Journalists and paparazzi are more interested in getting “a clearer picture of someone going for a funeral” rather than being sensitive and giving them their space, recalled Kriti talking about her experience with the media at Sushant’s funeral two days ago. You must have seen viral videos of Kriti sitting in her car trying to hide her face from camera flashes. On behalf of all those taking offences, that’s NOT the practice I was taught in journalism school.

Read what Kriti had to say about social media and media’s insensitive handling of Sushant’s suicide. “There are a lot of thoughts crossing my mind.. A LOT! But for now this is all I wanna say!🙏🏻,” captioned the actress.

Glorifying death is never okay, whether you are a professional or not. And media is guilty of rigorously doing this since forever. They are human beings first, celebrities later. Soon after the post, fans and followers flooded the comment section with support to the actress. In these trying times, we all could use some kindness, and that includes celebrities too. Period.

Kriti and Sushant started dating while shooting for Raabta (2017), the one film they co-starred in. This was followed by TV ads and more public appearances of them together. Yesterday, Kriti took to Instagram and posted a heartfelt message for Sushant with a few pictures of the couple. Have a look:

In the end, I would just like to say that nobody gets to decide how you should grieve. We are all human beings with emotions and it’s high time everybody is treated with kindness, irrespective of their celebrity status. Let private matters be private. Being the first one to break the news of ‘Kriti Sanon at the funeral’ or ‘Ankita Lokhande crying non-stop’ or ‘Rhea Chakraborty’s silence’ is no one’s freaking business, least of all media’s. To quote Kriti, “Let’s put humanity before our profession.”



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17 Jun 2020

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