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6 Korean Skincare Secrets That Your Fave K-Pop & K-Drama Stars Swear By

6 Korean Skincare Secrets That Your Fave K-Pop & K-Drama Stars Swear By

The ever-growing popularity of Korean culture made us all switch from washing our faces with foaming cleansers to being ardent fans of double cleansing. We put K-dramas into our must-watch list on Netflix and learned up the lyrics of every BTS song. Well, if you’re as obsessed with the entire K universe as us, then we’re spilling some tea. We’re unfolding the mystery behind Korean celebrities’ gorgeous skin and sharing the secrets with you. So, jump right into it.

Dishing Out Korean Stars’ Beauty Secrets

A Sheet Mask A Day, Keeps The Doctor Away

Minnie from the Korean pop band, (G)I-DLE once said that to keep her skin glowing and gorgeous, she used one sheet mask every day for a month. Now that’s the kind of dedication and commitment we all should strive to have in our lives.

4-2-4 Cleansing Method To The Rescue

Start-Up actor, Bae Suzy is a lover of the 4-2-4 cleansing method which basically sees the double cleansing method and raises it by 10. It involves removing makeup on your skin by rubbing a cleansing oil for four minutes and then using a foam cleanser for two minutes. After this, washing the face with water for four minutes out of which two minutes are with lukewarm water and two with cold water.

Potato Sheet Mask & Chill

While we all know that sheet masks are a K-beauty staple, JiU from the Korean pop band, Dreamcatcher specifies that it is potato sheet masks that she can’t get enough of. They are both brightening and soothing and really come in handy on a warm day.

Moisturise. Moisturise. Moisturise.

Actor, Ha Ji-won from the popular romantic show Secret Garden says that her favourite thing to do is to moisturise. She doesn’t leave her skin dry for more than three seconds and as soon as she’s done with cleansing, she applies a jelly pack to counteract the moisture loss.

DIYing It

The seriously gorgeous actor from the popular show, Descendants Of The Sun, Song Hye-kyo loves herself a good DIY mask made with a spoonful of milk powder, a raw egg white and honey. She applies the mask for 20 mins before rinsing it off as it keeps the skin tight and firm.

Warm Up The Skin

A trick that former member of the pop band, Girls’ Generation, Jessica Jung loves is warming up her skin before going in with her skincare products. This helps them absorb better. She does this by rubbing her hands together to generate heat and then keeps them over her face without actually touching it.

Now that you’ve got skincare advice from the pros, which one are you gravitating towards the most?

Featured Image: Instagram

09 Sep 2021

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