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Chori Chori, Chupke Chupke: These 7 Bollywood Movies Are Remakes Of Korean Films!

Chori Chori, Chupke Chupke: These 7 Bollywood Movies Are Remakes Of Korean Films!

Ever since I watched Crash Landing On You, I have been obsessed with Korean shows. They are fast-paced, intriguing and extremely addictive. Now, I’m way too deep in their world and can easily give recommendations on feel-good shows. You’re welcome!

But you know what? I decided to take my love for Korean dramas a notch higher and explore their movies as well. Turns out, I was in for a major surprise. Not only did I love all those movies, I realised I have watched a lot of them already. Where? Right here in Bollywood! Wait, what?

NGL, it was quite a shocker for me as well. Interestingly enough, a lot of Bollywood movies that we have watched are inspired (*hello copy-paste, Bollywood’s old friend*) by some really popular Korean movies. Psst… Wanna know a secret? The originals are better! And if that got you intrigued, then stop whatever you’re doing RN and read ahead.

7 Famous Bollywood Movies That Are Inspired By Korean Films


We warn you, some of these famous Bollywood movies’ names will totally surprise you. And, don’t forget to watch their original Korean versions as well. Because once you do, there’s no going back fam!




Kartik Aaryan’s upcoming movie called Dhamaka is going to premiere on Netflix very soon. He plays the character of a cynical journalist who has to report a terror attack in Mumbai in real-time. The actual dilemma for him is to choose between his profession and his conscience. Intrigued? Cannot wait any longer? We suggest you watch The Terror Live first. Apparently, Dhamaka is inspired by this Korean movie that released in 2013.

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TBH, we are internally conflicted with this one. Radhe is considered to be a remake of the Korean movie called The Outlaws. But, we think it would be quite unfair to compare the two because the latter is quite entertaining. They both are action thrillers and while Salman Khan’s movie focuses on drugs, the OG is more about gang wars. Anyhoo, if you guys are interested in learning ‘How To Ruin A Good Movie’, do watch The Outlaws, and then, Radhe.




Bharat and the Korean movie called An Ode To My Father are almost the same, with one major difference—history. While one takes you through the different phases of Indian history, the other explores Korean history. 

Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo



We don’t know about you but we are defs sensing a pattern here. Bhai and Korean movies have a connection! Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo is inspired by Masquerade. NGL, both the movies are not that great. But, if you are interested in learning about Korean culture, then watch the original.

Ek Villain



Do yourself a favour and watch I Saw The Devil today. It’s fab! It has better action sequences, it’s way more thrilling, and it’s a total paisa vasool! While Sidharth Malhotra played a gangster in Ek Villain, the lead protagonist in the Korean movie was a government agent.

Do Lafzon Ki Kahani



The Korean movie called Only You will instantly remind you of Randeep Hooda and Kajal Aggarwal’s Do Lafzon Ki Kahani. TBH, both the movies are pretty decent but nothing special. 

Murder 2



Murder 2’s poster was inspired by the Korean movie called Bad Guy and its story was inspired by Chugyeogja aka The Chaser. Interestingly enough, Murder was a remake of the Hollywood movie called Unfaithful.

Wow, Bollywood, taking inspiration from Korean movies is quite an original idea. LOL, just kidding!

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10 Jun 2021

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