Big On K-Dramas and K-Pop? Here Are The Top Korean Fashion Trends And Style Tips For You!

Abhilasha TyagiAbhilasha Tyagi  |  Apr 25, 2019
Big On K-Dramas and K-Pop? Here Are The Top Korean Fashion Trends And Style Tips For You!


You’ve seen it, you’ve read about it and chances are, you want it. Wondering what I am talking about? Well K-Fashion, of course! The upsurge of K-Dramas and K-Pop is something many are already familiar with (and fans of as well), and thanks to their growing popularity, Korean fashion or K-Fashion as it is popularly known, is on a rise too. So what is it that makes K-Fashion such a phenomenon? And what is it all about?

For all those avid fans who follow K-Pop bands and K-Dramas like their life depends on it, it’s easier to see the latest Korean fashion trends and why they are so popular. The everyday outfits that contribute to the K-Drama wardrobes are effortlessly chic, making the viewers want for more. So if you happen to be in a style rut and can’t figure out the best way to get out ASAP, we got the solution for you. Read on to get the best of Korean style tips and Korean fashion trends that will have friends asking you for style tips. Ready to go?  

Korean Fashion Popularity

Fashion Trends

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Korean Fashion or K-Fashion is on a rise since quite some time, and one of the major reasons for it is the number of homegrown labels and young designers in the country. Not only are they given the proper infrastructure that work demands, but they also have the support to start new businesses in fashion that flourish and in turn help promote the K-fashion industry. Emerging designers are now getting a major stake in the Seoul Fashion Week, an answer to the growing demand and interest in K-Fashion across the globe. Additionally, the internet has played a major role in giving enthusiasts a window to Korean fashion, no matter where they are. With K-Fashion on the streets of Seoul feeding our hunger for Korean fashion trends, and K-Pop bands and K-Dramas further acting as a cherry on top, there is little wonder why Korean Fashion is so highly popular. 

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Supersize everything, knee-high socks and boots, mom jeans, hats, cool handbags and retro tees are a few of the many trends that are going strong in the K-Fashion landscape. Need a wardrobe upgrade that gets heads turning? Delve into Korean fashion trends that will save you from the mundane. 

Textured Layering

Do it like the K-Fashion gals and make it fashion! The fact that layering is a fashion trend that is huge is something we have touched upon earlier, and stand by even now. However, if you are still facing some itsy-bitsy trouble in getting it right, we suggest looking up to Korean fashion to perfect the art of layering. In winter, mix textures, prints, patterns and lengths to work it the way Korean fashion trends suggest—check coats, houndstooth patterns, a play of lengths and solid colours are all welcome. 


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Dress Over Tee

Need an easy Korean fashion trend that doesn’t take much? Try the camisole dress over a tee or a blouse, the perfect summer OOTD for a casual and striking style. As we have already seen over and over again, this is one of the most popular Korean fashion trends and is showing no signs of slowing down. So take out your basic solid tee, your lace camisole dress and your korean dress is ready, teaming your fashionable outfit with dad sneakers for an on-fleek look. 

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Sneakers + Socks

Speaking of sneakers, the sneakers+socks trend is a raging one in the Korean fashion scene, giving you all the more reason to try it out. Ankle length socks or calf-length socks no longer need to be reserved to be worn simply under your trousers to save you from the cold; get them out and flaunt them with your dresses and skirts. 


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Checks & Plaids

Be it gingham, plaid or any kind of patterns that lean towards checks, this is one of those Korean fashion trends that are hot right now and we can’t get enough of! Chances are you will already have one of these in your wardrobe, thanks to your love for K-Dramas and K-Pop icons such as Tzuyu, Irene and more, so all that’s left to do is style it the way K-Dramas and K-Fashion dictate. From bright patterns and subtle hues to monochrome numbers, there are a plethora of options you can choose from.

Textured Knits

When it comes to statement-making Korean fashion trends, chunky knits are huge. Oversized pullovers with interesting textures are an effortless way to elevate your OOTD, so come winter, indulge in this K-fashion phenomenon in style. Pro tip: choose a texture that doesn’t overpower your entire outfit, but complements it. 


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Oversize Everything

Love oversized clothing? Then here’s the good news: Korean fashion trends are inclined towards all things oversized in outerwear—cardigans, sweaters, sweatshirts and more. In case you were looking for specific Korean style tips that helped with your obsession with oversized clothing, here it is! 

Retro Tops

We have all have a thing (or two) for pretty tees and tops and in the sweltering heat, a comfy t-shirt is a wardrobe essential. Luckily for us, K-fashion and Korean fashion trends too, are into retro tops featuring logos, graphics and fonts that leave a fashionable mark, so go all out, pairing your pick with a skirt or jeans of choice. 

Distressed Jeans

We cannot emphasise enough on the importance of distressed jeans. After all, they are the versatile wardrobe option that can be worn anytime and at all times! When it comes to seeking advice from Korean style gurus, pair your oversized cardigans, textured knits and retro tops with your distressed jeans, depending on the weather. 

Puffer Coats

When it comes to braving the winter chill, nothing beats the comfort and utility of a puffer coat. Of course, it also helps that the puffer coat is a smart investment as well as a fashion trend that has been on the style charts for quite some time now. Get yours and pair it with your denim and tee, giving way to multiple Korean fashion trends in your wardrobe. 


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Hats & Berets

The weather in Korea calls for this accessory as an essential, but if you wish to wear a hat in India, we suggest you opt for the beret, as Korean style tips tell us. Chic, smart, and bound to give your ensemble a polished look, a beret can uplift your look in a jiffy. Go the distinct route with an embroidered or embellished one, or keep it simple with one in black—the choice is yours. 

Mini Accessories

From an overload of hair accessories to fun brooches and aviator-framed sunglasses, Korean fashion trends are big on accessories and so if you happen to share the love for accessories, we suggest taking a leaf out of the K-Fashion handbook and go for this quirky yet stylish trend. 


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Online Korean Stores To Shop From

If you wish to take a break from binge-watching your favourite K-Dramas and K-Pop stars and shop for smart Korean fashion online, we know just the brands you need to check out. Take a look at the online Korean stories you need to know about and shop from.

Somethin’ Sweet

From flouncy tops and long skirts to lace details and accessories, this K-Fashion brand is a hit, thanks to the array of options it provides and also the fact that is ships worldwide without any extra charges. Sound about the right time to shop, no?

Shop here

The Hallyu

Vintage dresses, accessories, K-Pop inspired fashion and all the raging Korean fashion trends can be found here at The Hallyu, an online shopping destination that has something for everyone. 

Shop here


Not just women, YesStyle is the Korean online shopping site that has merchandise for men and kids too! Whether you are looking for something for yourself or to gift to your friends, chances are you will find it at this popular shopping location. 

Shop here


K-Beauty, K-Fashion and all that jazz around it is what Kooding—one of the leading Korean fashion brands—offers. For all those of you who wish to up their style quotient with some serious Korean fashion trends, go and visit this mine of great fashion finds. 

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Dresses, jeans, accessories, and everything you can imagine in K-Fashion is all you will get at Rowky, which apart from raging Korean fashion trends, also features a Sale section that might entice you. One look at the website will give you a crash course on the Korean style tips you have been wanting!

Shop here

From unparalleled inspiration, thanks to K-Dramas and K-Pop, to effortless Korean style tips and Korean fashion trends, K-Fashion is the new big thing in fashion and we couldn’t be more elated about it. How about you?

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