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10 Korean Beauty Tips For Youthful & Glowing Skin Of Your Dreams!

10 Korean Beauty Tips For Youthful & Glowing Skin Of Your Dreams!

The frenzy around K-Pop and K-Dramas has earned Korean artists a huge number of fans from all around the world. People have not only been enchanted by the talent of their idols but have also become increasingly curious about the secret behind their impeccable, flawless skin. Turns out, there is a treasure chest of Korean beauty tips that hold cultural value and have been passed on for generations. But now that the secret is out, it’s time to tweak your beauty routine and get that flawless-looking skin. Here are 10 of the best Korean beauty tips you should know about.

Korean Beauty Tips

The list of Korean skincare tips is a lengthy one. So, we did some homework and narrowed it down to the 10 best tips that you can follow for flawless, glass-like skin!

Using An Overnight Sleeping Mask

Pexels- Use an Overnight Sleep Mask-korean beauty tips for clear skin

There is a simple reason why “beauty sleep” is a real thing and is taken seriously by Korean women. Whilst you are asleep, the vital process of cell repair and rejuvenation is in full swing. That’s where an overnight sleeping mask can help achieve maximum results. The mask locks in the moisture overnight for refreshed, healthier skin in the morning.

Charcoal Sheet Mask

Charcoal Sheet Mask - korean beauty tips for clear skin
Pexels- Charcoal Sheet Mask – korean beauty tips for clear skin

Out of all the Korean beauty tips for clear skin, it is no surprise that charcoal sheet masks work the best. While most of us are aware of the magical properties of using charcoal for skin, it was the Koreans who used it first. A charcoal mask is a quick and easy solution to remove whiteheads and blackheads hassle-free, leaving you with nothing but your naturally beautiful skin.

Benefits Of Steaming Face For Acne

Washcloth Soaked In Hot Water For Exfoliation

Washcloth Soaked In Hot Water For Exfoliation - korean beauty hacks
Pexels– Washcloth Soaked In Hot Water For Exfoliation – korean beauty hacks

We’ve got the beast Korean beauty hack for you! If you are in a hurry but want to get rid of the oil and dirt that has accumulated on your skin, just exfoliate using a damp washcloth. The trick is to soak the washcloth in warm water. To get the best results, gently rub the washcloth in circular motions on your skin and voila! Exfoliation has never been this easy.

Steamy Showers

Steamy Showers - best korean beauty tips
Pexels- Steamy Showers – best Korean beauty tips

It’s not uncommon to find people in Korea indulging in steamy showers regularly. The warm temperature of steam unclogs the pores on your skin and helps clear out dirt or oil coagulated in them. It also helps improve blood circulation by dilating the blood vessels and giving you clear skin with a tinge of red. This Korean beauty tip for skin is worth trying out!

Consuming Tea (Herbal/Barley)

Consuming Tea (Herbal/Barley) - korean beauty secrets diet
Pexels- Consuming Tea (Herbal/Barley) – korean beauty secrets diet

Koreans know that apart from being a relaxing morning beverage, tea can also double up as a beauty agent. Being rich in antioxidants, consuming tea helps fight off signs of ageing that appear on the skin. It is also rich in antioxidants and helps fight many skin issues. Give this Korean beauty tip a try, and see if it works for your skin. 

Facial Exercises

Facial Exercises - korean beauty tips for clear skin
Pexels– Facial Exercises – korean beauty tips for clear skin

Enjoying our list of Korean beauty tips so far? We bet you didn’t know about this one! Just like the muscle group on any other part of your body, your facial muscles need exercise too. That V-shaped jawline that you usually see is achieved through a series of facial exercises. Some of them include saying out loud English vowels, lifting your chin up and swallowing, smiling, and moving puckered up lips side to side.

Applying Products The Right Way

Applying Products The Right Way
Pexels- Applying Products The Right Way

Did you know there are Korean beauty hacks that help you get the most out of your expensive skincare products! For instance, the right way to apply products like lotions, creams, oils on your face is to first take a small quantity of product on your fingers. Then, instead of rubbing it violently on your skin, you should apply it gently making smooth circular motions while doing so. This helps the product to permeate through the skin, giving you maximum benefits.

Double Dose Of Skincare Products

korean skin care tips
Pexels– korean skin care tips

It’s not surprising to hear Korean beauticians recommending a double dose of your favourite skincare products while sharing their Korean skincare tips. It is believed by the Koreans that a double layer is actually essential for achieving the best results. Double hydration, double cleaning, double masks are actually a common part of Korean beauty regimens.

Facial Essence Between Two Layers Of Moisturizer

Pexels- Korean skin care tips

A facial essence sandwich falls into the category of newly evolved Korean skincare tips. A layer of essence, which is a solution containing nutrients that are beneficial for the skin, is applied after the application of the first layer of moisturizer and before the second layer. This practice is believed by Korean women to promote better hydration and cleansing.

Ampoule For Skin

Ampoule For Skin - korean beauty tips for glowing skin
Pexels- Ampoule For Skin – korean beauty tips for glowing skin

Some Korean beauty tips for glowing skin recommend the use of an ampoule, which is a face serum but with significantly higher potency than normal. Therefore you should only use it when you have a skin crisis. Ampoules act as a catalyst in the skin regeneration process and are usually used to fight hyperpigmentation, acne, or dullness in a short amount of time.

Which of these Korean beauty tips are you going to try?

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Featured Image: Pexels

25 Feb 2022

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