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Unique K-Beauty Products That Will Make Every Skincare Enthusiast Squeal With Joy!

Unique K-Beauty Products That Will Make Every Skincare Enthusiast Squeal With Joy!

K-beauty has been the buzzword in the skincare industry for quite some time now and for good reason. Koreans take looking after their skin very seriously and it shows. Their products are made with mindfulness and innovation and their 10-step routine really does wonders for your radiance. What is it? Well, it’s the secret to Korean women’s poreless, unblemished, porcelain skin. The routine itself may sound taxing but actually requires only 15 minutes of your time at night. Following this beauty regimen from an early age is what gives Korean women their youthful glow.

Now, we are blessed that so many Korean beauty products are available in India and we can imitate their pamper routine too. 

Trust Us, These 10 Korean Beauty Products Will Transform Your Skincare Routine

A Sheet Mask

Let’s start with the best, right? The MyGlamm Glow sheet mask has been made in South Korea and has skin reviving properties. It’s got a high concentration of protein essence that will give your skin the nutrient boost it needs. It’s enriched with rosehip oil that helps in brightening dull and tired skin. 

A Blackhead Busting Serum

If you’re noticing a lot of blackheads especially on your T-zone then this is a great product to try. Chemical exfoliants may feel abrasive but they actually transform your skin. It’s got a light texture and overtime it will prevent blackheads and acne, you’ll have squeaky clean pores and have an even-toned complexion.

Skincare With Bamboo Extracts

K-beauty products are widely loved because of their ability to soothe, calm and hydrate your skin. Ingredients that get lots of love from K-beauty brands are green tea, bamboo extract, cica and ceramides. This serum contains bamboo water and centella that soothes sensitive and irritated skin while also speeding up cell regeneration and collagen production. It creates a hydrating barrier that protects and heals damaged skin. Add it to your beauty regime and you’ll notice a difference in how calm your skin feels.

A Toner With Vitamin C

Wondering what the secret to their luminous, spotless skin is? It’s SPF and Vitamin C. This product has a water-based formula that will be absorbed into your skin really quickly. It’s got extracts of super berries that are rich in antioxidants that fight early signs of aging and help with skin brightening and luminosity. It’s formulated without parabens and sulphates so you know you’re well looked after.

An Anti-Aging Ampoule

Think of this product like a serum, but on steroids. Just kidding! Ampoules and serums are pretty similar, only that the ampoules contain more concentrated ingredients. This anti-aging ampoule boosts skin elasticity and helps in reducing wrinkles and fine lines. It’s got Jeju seaweed that is rich in antioxidants, amino acids, and Vitamin C which promotes collagen production in the skin. It’s also enriched with peptides, making it your skin’s new BFF.

A Peeling Foot Mask

Satisfying, gross but absolutely must-try product. A peeling foot mask will give you baby soft feet in a few weeks. Think of this as a pair of socks, slip into them – top them up with serum and let it simmer for an hour. In just a matter of days, you will notice the skin on your feet peeling to reveal soft, fresh skin underneath. All you’ve got to do is, pre-soak your feet in warm water for a few minutes and then clean and dry them. Put the mask on for an hour and a half and then wash the feet with water. Voila, happy feet! No pedicure needed!

Products With Green Tea Extract

If there’s one product we know is loved in Korea, it’s green tea – in every form. If you’re looking to add it to your skincare routine, try the Innisfree Green Tea Range. This particular serum is perfectly suited for all skin types. It is hydrating and plumping thanks to its rich amino acid content. It gives you a dewy and nourished skin texture while helping it to look radiant from within. Apply it once you’re done cleansing as the first step in your skincare regime for maximum absorption. 

Products With Collagen

How can we conclude a K-beauty edit without collagen? We hear the word collagen floating around in the beauty world but do we really know what it is? It’s basically the most abundant protein in your body and is responsible for skin elasticity. This cream has tiny particles of super collagen water that keeps it firm and plump. What’s not to love? 

A Watery Sunscreen

Let’s admit it, we all HATE SPF and the main reason is its incredibly greasy texture. A unique K-beauty product is a water-based sunscreen or sun cream. This particular one is great because it’s got just the right balance of hydration and light-weight texture. It’s not too thick, not too thin and won’t make you look and feel like a greaseball. Oh, and did we mention that it won’t leave you with that awful white cast other sunscreens might leave behind? If you’ve been skipping out on your SPF it’s high time you start putting it on every day. Yes, every day, even when you aren’t stepping out of the house. 

A Fridge To Store Your Products In

While this isn’t a K-Beauty find, every skincare lover would love to have this! And why not? It keeps your serums and oils safe without messing up the skin texture and consistency. You can store your oils and sheet masks to keep them in a cool, regulated environment and it even comes with a heating mode to store products that solidify in the winter. Cool, right?

How many of these K-beauty products have you tried out? 

Featured Image: Pexels

03 Nov 2020

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