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Five More Kokilaben Dialogues That Deserve A Mashup. Yashraj Mukhate, Are You Listening?

Five More Kokilaben Dialogues That Deserve A Mashup. Yashraj Mukhate, Are You Listening?

It has been over three years since Saath Nibhaana Saathiya stopped airing on television and yet the show has been breaking the internet for a couple of days now. The reason? A crazy awesome rap made by music producer Yashraj Mukhate on a famous Kokilaben dialogue. 

Well, Yashraj must hardly have anticipated this overwhelming reaction when he decided to create a Kokilaben parody. The rap has been thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated by many including Rupal Patel, the actress who played Kokilben in the hit Star Plus show. And netizens have been going full cray after the rap as they participate in the meme fest that’s currently all over social media. 

Now, while we have to give Yashraj credit for the amazing parody that he has managed to create out of the dialogue, part of the credit also goes to the character of Kokila Modi and her exaggerated theatrics in the show. 

Kokilaben remained notoriously famous For the entire seven year-long run of Saath Nibhaana Saathiya. A disciplinarian, she has been known for her caustic tongue, elaborate dialogues, and also dialogue delivery that have provided meme fodder for years now. And while the dialogue parodied by Yashraj remains one of the most iconic ones, we think there are some more that can be worked into equally epic raps. Hey memers, we hope you are reading this because these dialogues are gold. Scroll down!


That Time When Kokilaben Got Slapped

As a show, Saath Nibhaana Saathiya was really, really high on its slap game. So much so that you could bet money on at least one of the characters getting slapped every week. And perhaps it was all fun and play for Kokilaben, the perpetrator of the show’s slap game until she herself got slapped by Gopi Bahu for assassinating Meera’s character. Yup, we know crazy! But wait till you take a look at the dialogue that led to the slap:

“Aur tum Meera

Jab tumne Dharam Kumar ko sachche man se sweekar kar liya hai

Tu us disha men kadam aage badhao 

Baaton ke mayajaal mein ulajh kar

Galat disha mein kyun lekar ja rahi ho

Galat Kar Rahi Ho tum.”

When Kokilaben Flashed A Knife

But then don’t be too worried about Kokilaben getting slapped for she was quite a badass and would often threaten people with words as well as knives. Yeah shocking for you, basic for her. Here’s a dialogue delivered by her after she threatened her arch-nemesis Gaura with a huge ass knife: 


Gala kaat ke phekne mein main uff bhi nahi karungi  

Kokila Modi hun yaad rakhna 

Cheer kar rakh dungi tumhe main.” 


When she locked Meera In A Room

Now, how much of a deal would it be for Kokilaben to lock her granddaughter in a room when she is anyway flashing knives and shiz? Well, you know the answer: no biggie! Here’s a dialogue from the time she chided Meera for being a brat and then locked her in a room to teach her respect:

“Bachchi Nahi hai wo 

Itni badi ki apne sage maata pita ka apmaan karne chali hai 

Ab toh main iski akal thikaane lakar hi rahungi 

Kyunki Kokila Modi Jo Kehti hai wo krke dikhati hai.”

That Time When She Disowned Meera

Okay, so this is from the scene when Kokilaben pushed away Meera like she legit had no weight. But then again we are talking about Kokilaben here and just nothing is too much in the Kokilaben land:


Saath diya, tujhe sambhaala 

Uske saath bhi tune kya kiya 


Meera Ne pair Kulhaadi par nahi maara

Kulhaadi Pair par maari hai!”


That Time When She Relinquished Her Chappals

By now, you must have become enlightened enough not to question all the madness that ensued in the show. And yet you’d be surprised to know about the time when Kokilaben gave up on her chappals and pledged to wear them only after she gets to catch her son’s murderer. Shhh, no questions, just enjoy this dialogue: 

“Tera Pati hi hai mere bete ka kaatil

Jab tak is khooni ko 

Saza nahi mil jaati 

Tab tak main Kokila Modi 

Apni chappal Ka tyaag karti hun”

Now, this one’s a real savage, ratchet, bougie, and what not! Yashraj Mukhate, we hope you are taking notice!

Featured Image: Instagram 

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