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KWK 7 Highlights: Aamir Khan & Kareena Kapoor Khan Leave KJo Speechless With Their Wit & Sass

KWK 7 Highlights: Aamir Khan & Kareena Kapoor Khan Leave KJo Speechless With Their Wit & Sass

Our Koffees were served a little early this week and we couldn’t have asked for more. Karan Johar brought in yet another stellar duo on the Koffee With Karan 7 couch—Aamir Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan. The Laal Singh Chaddha co-stars made the episode a hell lot of entertaining their witty statements. TBH, this episode was fun and heartwarming all at once! 

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Highlights Of The Koffee With Karan 7 Aamir Khan-Kareena Kapoor Khan Episode: 

Aamir’s Long Journey With Laal Singh Chaddha 

Aamir Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Laal Singh Chaddha, which is an adaptation of the 1994 movie Forrest Gump, took 14 years to be made. Aamir shared a fascinating story on the Koffee couch where he confessed that he did not read the script for two years only because he believed a classic like Forrest Gump could never be remade. After finally reading the script, he was stunned. But it took them another eight to nine years to get the copyright. No one but Aamir Khan can have this level of dedication. 

Kareena’s First Screen Test 

Surprisingly, Kareena was not the first choice for Laal Singh Chaddha. Aamir revealed that they were looking for a younger actress. However, they saw an ad that also featured Kareena and realised that they have ‘found their Rupa.’ Kareena also had to do her first-ever screen test to bag the role. She said, “Saif was like only Aamir can make you do a screen test.” TBH, there’s really nothing that Bebo cannot do. 

koffee with karan kareena

Is Aamir Being A Party Pooper? 

KJo called Aamir a ‘party pooper’ and said, “When there is a party of 200 people, Aamir wants to run the other way.” Well, Aamir Khan denied being a ‘party pooper’ and said that he prefers being at secluded corners of parties, with few friends. He added, “The music is too loud. You can see people’s veins popping up as they try to talk over the music.” Kareena chimed in, “You just do your shots, get a little drunk or whatever, and dance to your own Hindi songs.” Aamir does have a point, but so does Bebo. We really cannot decide whom we relate to more in this scenario. 

Aamir’s Bond With His Family 

Aamir Khan expressed that he shares a great bond with both his ex-wives, Reena Dutta and Kiran Rao. They all meet for dinner once a week. The PK actor also opened up about realising the value of family during COVID-19 pandemic. He said, “In my entire adult life through my film journey, I didn’t nurture them like I did my work. I realised suddenly that I’ve not spent much time with them when they were small children. So over the last many months, I’m a changed person. I connect much more now with my family and my kids.” 

koffee with karan aamir khan

Kareena Calling Out Karan On His Partiality 

KJo expressed that he had been trolled for being more partial to Janhvi than Sara. When he asked his guests if they think he’s partial, Aamir replied in a beat, “All the time. You’re quite partial.” Bebo chimed in, “So you were partial that means. That’s so wrong Karan.” Karan confessed that he just felt bad because Janhvi lost the rapid fire and the quiz round. However, Bebo being Bebo did not buy it at all. She said, “So what’s there to feel bad about?” LMAO, Kareena really had KJo fumbling for words. 

Bebo Nailing The Trolling Game 

KJo added a new segment to the show called, “Actor trolling actor” and NGL, Bebo nailed the segment as she threw sass like confetti. She called out Aamir for taking too long to shoot his films, “You (Aamir) take like 100-200 days to finish a film. Akshay Kumar finishes it in like 30 days”. She even stated that Aamir may be friendlier to the paps but they like her more and enjoy photographing her. All poor Aamir could say was, “Look at her insulting me twice in one sentence.” When Bebo is on the Koffee couch, diplomacy gets tossed outta window!

Bebo’s Vibrant Manicure

Since we are talking about highlights, we simply cannot ignore Kareena Kapoor Khan’s rainbow manicure. KJo even asked her, “Can you explain your nails to me for once?” To this Bebo responded, “I think it’s an inspiration of my life. It’s colourful, it’s like a rainbow, it’s vibrant!” Her nails were definitely the highlight of her outfit!

If you love Kareena’s rainbow nails just as much as we do, you can get them too:

Well, everyone loves Kareena Kapoor Khan and no matter what she does, she can never disappoint us. NGL, this episode also made us fall in love with Aamir’s no-filter wittiness and sense of humour. Get your dose of Koffee if you haven’t already on Disney+ hotstar. 

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04 Aug 2022

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