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Period 101: 6 Kinds Of Sanitary Pads And When To Use Them

Every once in a while – okay, every 28 days – our uterus decides to break all hell loose on us. Though keeping calm in such situation is like the battle of Waterloo, there is a favour we can do ourselves and our pink princess. Since most Indian women have been accustomed to sanitary napkins, it’s our solemn duty to inform you that most over-the-counter variants are coated with either disposable plastic or latex, which some women could be allergic to. And not all pads should be used all the time through your period. Surprise, surprise! While most of us end up buying just one big packet of our preferred brand, there is a whole different approach that we ought to adopt for our five days of dread. Here’s how!


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1. Line Up Some Panty Liners

They’re meant for those irritating days of spotting, when you’re neither here nor there – the thinnest form of women sanitation available out there. So, get rid of those king-size ones around the fourth/fifth day of your period, depending on your flow, and brace yourself for final freedom. Also, this is what you should be wearing when you’re expecting your period – don’t burden yourself with thick pads and the possibility of rashes! Get yourself some panty liners here.

2. Match The Medium Flow

Don’t think you’re saving money by stocking up on just one variety of napkins. If your fourth day isn’t as heavy as the second or third one, and a panty liner just wouldn’t suffice, ask your chemist for medium flow (or regular) napkins — they’re available both in winged and non-winged types. Choose wisely!

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3. For Those Heavy Flow Days

Yes, there are days the when you just feel like a leaky faucet! While we can’t do much about the discomfort, you can get yourself some mental peace with long-hours heavy flow sanitary napkins. They have the absorption power of at least two of your medium flow ones! Take these for instance!

4. Prep Properly For All-Nighters

Whether you actually have to pull off an all-nighter or just sleep easy, all-night pads are a blessing, and not in disguise/1 Slip one on and put all your leakage worries to rest. Also, as opposed to what most women believe, they don’t have to be big and bulky. A horde of ultra-thin all-night pads (for heavy flow) are up for grabs at a chemist near you. This one is our pick.

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5. Go Organic!

Yes, organic’s everywhere – quite literally. Though they’re not your pretty, thin ones, they’re made purely out of organic cotton – as opposed to the industrial cotton and absorbent gel in others – with just an absorbent strip for longer days. They are disposable, cost pretty much the same as your industrial ones and are available for light, regular and heavy flow. These are quite the saviour for those of us who’ve developed allergies to latex over the years. It’s okay, you can thank us later. Convenience personified: you can order them online here.

6. Consider Washable Cloth Pads

Don’t go, “ewwww, gross!” just yet. They’re made out of organic cotton and have wings attached. While the really, really good ones last as many as 20 years, it’s entirely up to you how long you want to use them. The only “gross” part is that you have to wash them every day. As soon as you get past that, it’s easy-peasy! An organization called Eco Femme is actually providing women employment through this venture. Check out their products here.

PS: Don’t be “Miss Lazy Bones” in matters concerning Princess Vagina – all sanitary napkins SHOULD and MUST be changed every four to six hours!

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06 May 2016

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