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Favourite Part Of My Self-Care Routine? Using This Body Scrub

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    The Kimirica Rice Powder Body Scrub is one of my favourite new additions to the cold water showers I have to take when my geyser refuses to start. It makes the shivers worth it and my skin super supple.

    What Is It?

    The Kimirica Rice Powder Body Scrub is a luxurious, creamy exfoliator that combines the power of natural, plant-powered ingredients to deliver a spa-like experience at home. Infused with beta-glucan, green tea, rosemary extracts, and rice bran extracts, this 100% natural and biodegradable scrub not only removes dry, dead skin cells but also fights off pollutants, leaving your skin soft, moisturised, and invigorated.

    The creamy texture, enriched with the exfoliating prowess of rice powder, gently buffs away the build-up without stripping the skin of its natural moisture.

    Our Thoughts

    I love this body scrub. A little goes a long way (which is so rare in body scrubs) and it leaves your skin delicately scented and moisturised post-exfoliation. It’s a gentle scrub so your skin does not feel dehydrated after use but the particles are big enough to actually clean dead skin cells. I use it after my body wash for a little extra plumpness and I have to say it’s left my skin feeling deliciously soft, supple, and squeaky clean. The ultra-fine rice powder effectively removes all traces of dryness and dullness, revealing skin that’s not just smooth to the touch, but visibly brighter and more alive.

    The product’s olfactory journey—from the sweet citrusy top notes to the musky, sandalwood base—transforms your routine scrubbing into an aromatic ritual you’ll look forward to. And have I mentioned how lovely the packaging is? It comes in a great matte-finish tube that’s simply a pleasure to use.

    How To Use It?

    Scoop out a small amount and gently massage it onto your skin in upward or downward motions—whatever feels right. Its creamy base ensures it glides effortlessly, while the rice powder works its magic. Rinse off to reveal soft, moisturised skin that feels like you’ve just stepped out of a spa.

    What It Looks Like

    Good To Know
    Smells Like: A heavenly mix of violet, citrus, and sandalwood.
    Revitalises Skin Texture: Gently buffs away impurities for a smoother, revitalised skin appearance.
    Little Goes A Long Way: A little expensive for a scrub, but all you need is two coin sized amounts for a full body refresh.

    In Conclusion

    The Rice Powder Body Scrub, with its natural ingredients, not only promises to pamper your skin but also contributes to a more sustainable beauty routine.

    07 Feb 2024

    Feature Image Source: Instagram

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