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Get Ready With Kim: Watch This To Know ALL Her Makeup Secrets!

Get Ready With Kim: Watch This To Know ALL Her Makeup Secrets!

Hate her or love her, who isn’t a fan of the Kim Kardashian makeup look? Her makeup is always pretty damn flawless – from her perfect contour to natural-looking glow! Any girl would love to be privy to some of her most detailed makeup secrets. Well, you’re in for a treat ladies, ‘coz she’s spilled the beans on her makeup routine. Let’s watch her apply her now-famous contoured but minimal look. The reality star turned beauty mogul just collaborated with one of the biggest beauty influencers in the world – Jaclyn Hill in this super cool ‘Get Ready’ Video. Kim also shows us how to use her recently-launched and immensely popular contour kit. Watch it to see just how two of the biggest names in the beauty world perfect their look. Oh, and read on for all of Kim’s makeup confessions.

1. Kim never uses primer!

Most pro makeup artists will tell you how a primer is a must to ensure fabulous makeup application, but Kim has never been a fan of using one. ‘I don’t really use a primer. I thought a primer would feel a bit more like, have collagen or something in it so it would leave a film.’

2. She had never watched a makeup tutorial video till 2 months ago

Well, when you have an army of professionals who ensure you look perfect, we probably would never try to understand those tutorial videos ourselves! Oh and the very first one she watched a couple months ago was a review of her lip kit collab with sis, Kylie.  

3. She mixes a bit of 2 foundations to get her skin to look amazing

A little Chanel and La Prairie foundation liquid. She also has Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation in her kit.

4. She used to love playing with her mom’s makeup as a kid

Kim isn’t much different from you and me, girls! Who wasn’t enamoured by their mom’s makeup at a  young age? Kim along with big sister, Kourtney used to be obsessed with their mom’s concealer and would rub it all over their face. Celebs are so similar to us, sometimes!

5. What’s Kim Kardashian’s biggest beauty regret?

Jaclyn and Kim both revealed that too-thin brows and wearing bright eyeshadow in the exact colour of their outfit, like turquoise blue eyeshadow with turquoise clothes, is definitely a beauty move they’re still trying to live down.

6. Her undereye concealer secret…

Even celebs deal with tired-looking eyes and pesky undereye circles. Kim uses a dry concealer first and then a creamy one on top of it, she then blends with a beauty blender. After that, she uses powder to bake the area for that flawless finish. (Learn more about baking here.)

7. She made her contouring kits so women would know that contouring isn’t as scary as we think

‘It’s so intimidating and it doesn’t have to be. I just want to show people that I am not the best makeup artist but it is fun for me and I can figure it out and I’ve learned from the best of people doing makeup.’ Kim’s kits are really user-friendly, easy to use and she created them so people have fun doing their makeup and feel good about themselves.

8. She ALWAYS lines her lips

‘I always have to line my lips and my upper lip, mainly. Cause then (if not), it just disappears.’

9. She takes 5 minutes to do her own makeup

Wow! We would love a tutorial on that!

10. The one thing she wants to get better at…

Kim said that really wants to get better at doing up her eyes. So do we, Kim, so do we!

The video is super insightful and it also helps us get to know the star better. She’s so much more down to earth and relatable than any of us would think, right? Oh, and if you would love to get Jaclyn’s amazing finish on her skin – her secret is her Dior Forever Foundation!

13 Jul 2017

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