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Kiara Advani Opens Up About Being Rejected By A-List Designers & We Are Quite Surprised

Kiara Advani Opens Up About Being Rejected By A-List Designers & We Are Quite Surprised

Kiara Advani’s Bollywood journey has been nothing less than inspirational. The actress does not belong to one of those famous Bollywood families and has still managed to make her place in the industry. Today, she is a star and has big filmmakers and designers lining up to work with her. However, things weren’t always this rosy for Kiara and the actress just shared that she had to face a lot of prejudice when she first started.

In a recent interview, the actress revealed how she was rejected by a lot of designers back in the day just because she wasn’t a popular face. “At the end of the day, this is a business. I do feel that certain people who’ve reached great heights in their fields, don’t have to live up to this social norm. So, there’s this thing like, ‘Let’s be exclusive as a brand, let’s not give everyone’, because even as actors, you don’t want to wear what everybody is wearing. Now it’s become international stuff, all that nonsense goes on,” said Kiara.

She further shared that this kept happening for a long time and there were just a handful of people who were actually warm and welcoming. Kiara added, “Manish is one of those people who never looked at it like that. He never looked at it like, ‘I’ll give somebody something because they’re successful. Even Karan. I know he gets so much hate for nepotism and all of that, but he took me when I was a nobody, and nobody told him to.”


NGL, after years of debate about outsiders’ horror stories and Bollywood bashing, it is heartwarming to hear this happy tale. For a newcomer, the film industry can be a daunting place and the elitism does not help. It takes a lot of time for most actors to be noticed by the A-list designers while star kids get these privileges easily. In the past, many actors have opened up about similar struggles and we think it is unfair to rank people based on their social standing and connections instead of their talent.

Kudos to Kiara for taking the rejection like a champ! While it can be hard to overlook the biases and move forward, the Kabir Singh star managed to overcome these challenges all thanks to people like Karan and Manish. Here’s hoping that every talented newcomer in the Hindi film industry finds somebody to support them just like Kiara did.

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13 May 2022

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