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Oh No! We Stumbled Upon Kiara Advani’s All-Black OOTD & Now We Wish It Had Never Happened

Oh No! We Stumbled Upon Kiara Advani’s All-Black OOTD & Now We Wish It Had Never Happened

The festive season may be on in full swing but that doesn’t mean the faux-pas are inescapable. Real as it gets, the fashion blunders are still here and unfortunately, we can’t do much about it at the moment, except hoping that we don’t see anything similar for a long, long time to come. You will believe it when you see it, friend. The celebrity who missed it and a tad bit too much with their look this time being Kiara Advani. Full disclosure: go further at your own risk. 

Kiara Advani’s Fashion Faux-Pas

Still onboard? Well, you can’t say we didn’t warn you though

Separates Gone Wrong

Kiara Advani fashion faux pas


Stepping out in the city (no, not in a festive look), Kiara Advani kept it breezy with her choice of outfit. Or so she thought. Dressed in something of a sweatshirt meets shirt dress, the Bollywood actress went out and about in the all-black garb, a bottomless pit of baggy. No, really. With no defining silhouette, we don’t know what to call it. And while we are very much on board the concept of oversized, this wasn’t the separate you will envision when we say the word. If you thought that was all, wait a minute because there is more, friends. Trying, perhaps, to style it in an off-beat manner, Kiara Advani added slouched knee-high boots to the mix and the effect it had left us trying to get the entire image out of our heads. 

Of course, there was also a pair of large sunnies and a tote, also black, that made for the actress’s head-to-toe monochrome look, one which definitely didn’t do her any favours. Given that Kiara Advani has been pulling off the best of fashion-forward looks, this one left us a bit wide-eyed, and in the manner one would expect. 

Styling Boots Like A Pro

Though boots are the preferred outfit of choice come winter, going off-route with them can create a bit of sartorial mess. To make things easier, we noted down a few tricks that might help you in the foreseeable future. Read on. 

—Try keeping it a bit defined, unlike what Kiara Advani’s outfit did. Whether it is skirts or shirt dresses, make sure that your boots are ACTUALLY doing something to add to the look. 
—When wearing jeans, avoid tucking it your boots, especially if it appears tacky.   
—Mix and match but only to the extent that you feel comfortable trying on. 

Here’s hoping there are no more fashion faux-pas at least for a while now.  

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13 Nov 2020

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