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Kiara Advani Claims The Slap Scene In Kabir Singh Was ‘Blown Out Of Proportion’ & TBH, We’re Concerned

Kiara Advani Claims The Slap Scene In Kabir Singh Was ‘Blown Out Of Proportion’ & TBH, We’re Concerned

With the rise of social media and the endless stream of fan sites since the turn of the millennium, many films often acquire an almost cult-like stature in cinema. One such movie is Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani starrer Kabir Singh. It has been over 3 years since the film’s release but it continues to polarise Bollywood fans all over the globe.

In the movie, Shahid plays the role of a dejected surgeon who spirals out of control after losing the girl who he obsessively loves (or controls her life in every way possible). He turns violent and even resorts to physical abuse with his girlfriend Preeti, played by Kiara Advani, when things don’t work out according to him.

Recently, Kiara opened up on the infamous slap scene from Kabir Singh and defended it. The actress said, “For me deep down it’s a love story and the thing about love is that it’s the only thing that will allow you to forgive certain behaviours in life. Relationships are very complex and it’s very easy for a third person, even me, to say ‘get out of that relationship’ if someone has cheated on someone, someone has not been respectful of the other person, has slapped someone. But for two people in that relationship, it is another complication altogether”.


“After that slap in the interval scene which was blown out of proportion, she (Preeti) leaves the man (Kabir). You don’t see that, you forget about that. The fact that she comes back at the end when he comes back to her, is when a section wanted that she shouldn’t have taken him back. I feel that’s what made it all heart at the end when they’re confronting each other, and she tells him that ‘you f****ed up’ basically, but at the end of the day this is the love of her life that is in front of her, and she gives in,” concluded Kiara.

NGL, while we understand Kiara’s perspective nothing can ever justify abuse. The moment a man raises his hand at a woman, he deprives her of her dignity and there is no other way to look at the situation. Films like Kabir Singh blur the line between love and abuse, which is unacceptable. Raising your hand will NEVER be okay, thank you for coming to my TED talk!

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09 Aug 2022

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