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Khushi Kapoor ‘Borrowing’ Her Sister Janhvi’s Top For A Party Is Every Sister Ever!

Khushi Kapoor ‘Borrowing’ Her Sister Janhvi’s Top For A Party Is Every Sister Ever!

When Janhvi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor are not being the famous ‘celebrity kids’ chased by photographers and fans for a selfie, they’re just like any other sisters – borrowing clothes from each others’ closets for parties. Just yesterday, Khushi Kapoor wore a top that gave us deja vu!

1 khushi kapoor - birthday party deep neck top


Khushi wore a printed white crop top with a too-sweet-to-handle sweetheart neckline and distressed jeans to a friend’s birthday party in Bastian, Mumbai. She kept her look casual by pairing it with black heeled espadrilles and accessorising with hoop earrings and a tan Chanel sling bag.

2 khushi kapoor - jeans and plunging top


Of course, there’s her all-time favourite personalised necklace that she wears with everything everywhere.

But where have we seen this top before?


3 khushi kapoor - janhvi kapoor wearing same top

Image: Instagram


On Janhvi Kapoor a few months ago. Not just that, Khushi also borrowed Janhvi’s big hoops (or it could be the other way round) and styled her outfit for the party in a similar way as her big sister – with hoops and jeans! Now, haven’t we all done that?

I’m instantly sharing this with my sister to let her know that celebrities do it too and to get over herself. Tag your sister in the comments below if you’re with me!


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05 Aug 2018
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