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Wild, Wild Fam: 10 Crazy Moments From Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Wild, Wild Fam: 10 Crazy Moments From Keeping Up With The Kardashians

From Caitlyn Jenner’s surprising transition to Kim’s 72-day long marriage, Keeping Up With the Kardashians has certainly given us some of the most mind-boggling pop culture moments in the past 13 years. And irrespective of whether you love or hate it, the truth remains that it’s certainly going down in history as one of the craziest ‘reality’ TV shows ever!

Sadly for the KUWTK fans, the show is finally coming to an end and would go off air in 2021 after completing 20 wild seasons. Kim Kardashian took to social media earlier today to make the announcement and wrote, “It is with heavy hearts that we’ve made the difficult decision as a family to say goodbye to Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”

Expressing gratitude for all the support from their viewers, she further added, “We are beyond grateful to all of you who’ve watched us for all of these years – through the good times, the bad times, the happiness, the tears, and the many relationships and children. We’ll forever cherish the wonderful memories and countless people we’ve met along the way.”

Well, the news definitely calls up for a quick round-up of some of the wildest KUWTK moments for old times sake and also a quick reminder of what made it a cult classic. Scroll through:


When The Kardashian Family Went For An Eerie Shopping Spree

Fashion, beauty, and lots of shopping is generally the first thought that comes to our mind when we think of the Kardashian family. Well, except for this one time when Kris Jenner decided to take all her kids for a graveyard tour followed by a tomb shopping. “I am emotionally all into the journey so I would like to do he mausoleum,” she told Kim who too was all into it and gave it a nod. However, it did not stop just there. Kris also decided to give one of the tombs a try and legit went to lie inside making everyone visibly uncomfortable until someone remarked that the insides of the tomb look exactly like a Chanel bag. 

When Kim Casually Took Selfies On The Way To Jail

There was this one time when Chloe got into legal trouble for driving under the influence and as alarming as it might sound for a celeb family (any family for that matter), Kim was seen casually clicking selfies on their way to the jail. “Can you stop taking pictures of yourself your sister is going to jail,” she was repudiated by her mother. But staying totally on brand, Kim carried on clicking selfies as she’d do on any regular day.

When Kim Lost A Diamond Earring In Bora Bora

When you think of a celeb as big as Kim Kardashian, you really wouldn’t imagine them losing it after a lost earring, right? Well, that’s exactly what separates Kim from the rest of them and makes her frequent fits and ‘ugly crying face’ almost as (in)famous as her sex tape! However, Kourtney was certainly not having it when Kim threw the craziest fit ever after a lost ‘diamond earring.’ She gathered the entire family around and kept saying ‘diamond earring’ on a loop until Kourtney shut her theatrics by saying ‘There are people that are dying Kim.’ That said, all that nagging actually worked and Kim did retrieve her earring from the ocean.

When Kylie Couldn’t Tell The Difference Betwen A Pig And A Chicken

There was this one episode when Kris decided to buy a baby pig as a present for a teenage Kylie. Well, so far so good right? But that perhaps was too basic as per the Kardashian family standards and well, Kylie soon broke the happy, normal bubble by squealing “Is that a chicken” right after spotting the pig.


When Rob Accidently Took Viagra Meant For Bruce

One fine day, Kris decided to spice up the things and spike her husband’s coffee with a dash of viagra. “If I put one little pill in his coffee what’s the harm,” she asked and of course there was much harm. Her son Rob ended up drinking the coffee and had to be rushed to the emergency room for having an erection that just wouldn’t go away. He was also quizzed by the doctor for meddling with drugs and that’s when Kris had to come clean with her little mischief. Well, at the Kardashian home when they teach you not to leave your drink unsupervised, they mean like never, not even in your own damn home!

When Scott Became Royalty

Known for his frequent ego-trips, Scott decided to take it a notch higher when he thought that it would be an amazing idea to purchase a royal title. “I don’t need to walk around like some peasant, I need to walk around like royalty,” he proclaimed right before he went online, purchased a title, and was knighted the Lord of the Manor. He’s been called Lord Disick since then and we guess it sits alright with his pompous ego.

When Kim Stole Kourtney’s Breast Milk

It is after constantly obsessing over a rash on her body that Kim ends up finding out about her psoriasis and is just beginning to lose hope before she hears that breast milk could help her with the condition. Well, Kim ends up stealing Kourtney’s breast milk to give it a go and the entire thing culminates into a weird/hilarious fight.

When Kris Burped Right Into Kim’s Mouth

If there was anything more cringy than Kris-Kim’s 72-day long marriage, it has to be that dinner date when Kris ended up burping right into her mouth while he was attempting to kiss her. Cringy as it was, we need to give Kim credit for taking it like a sport and brushing it off in good humour.


When Kourtney’s Under Age Nudes Got Leaked

The Kardashians have always been one wild lot and well, they knew how to have their way with nudes even before we had smartphones and digital cameras. Well, back in the day the girls simply opted for the old fashioned way and had legit hard copies of their nudes. The things seemed to be going fine for the lot until Kim decided to steal Kourtney’s nude pictures, left them in her bag, and later ended up losing them. The family had to call FBI to ensure that the pics don’t get circulated.

When Kim & Kourtney Fed Placenta To Their Family

Always up for some crazy mischief, Kim and Kourtney once decided to prank their family and feed them placenta. The two cooked the meal for them, waited for them to eat, and then told the family that they have been fed placenta. Everyone literally wanted to throw up before the sisters gave in and revealed that it was actually brisket. One unappetizing prank if you ask us!

Well, we can always trust the Kardashians to keep it crazy wild. Sad that the craziness is soo coming to end. That said, the show is now available on Netflix and we highly recommend you give it a try in case you have been having a shitty day, month, or year (looking at you, 2020).

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09 Sep 2020

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