8 Easy-Peasy Hacks To Keep Yourself Warm This Winter

Akanksha BhatiaAkanksha Bhatia  |  Dec 8, 2017
8 Easy-Peasy Hacks To Keep Yourself Warm This Winter


It’s that time of the year again when your stone cold feet and freezing fingers can’t seem to get warm no matter what you do! As much as I love winters, constantly shivering isn’t the best look on me. The wardrobe is kickass but the cold is my archnemesis. Growing up in a city that saw just summers for 12 months straight (Chennai is warm no matter what time of the year), my body isn’t well equipped to handle the weather change. So when I was faced with the wrath of the cold, I found some easy and do-able ways to deal with it rather effectively. And it’s time I share my hacks with you!

1. Cook A Lot

Soups, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, anything warm and fuzzy will you do your body wonders. Embrace the holiday season and go crazy with peppermint, cinnamon, and other fancy flavours. 

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2. Soak In The Sun

Those noon walks feel amazing! The sun on your face is the best thing when you’re freezing on the inside. So if you have a park nearby, make it a point to drop by or just sip on some chai on your balcony. 

3. Body Heat

Got someone special in your life? Use this opportunity to get extra cuddle time under the blanket. Body heat is a sure shot way to keep those chills at bay.

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4. Keep The Floor Covered

Do not walk around barefoot! Either invest in a cute pair of fluffy slippers or cover your room floor with nice fuzzy rugs to keep you warm. 

5. Yoga Is Fire

Getting some exercise increases blood circulation which in turn helps keep your body warm and active. Despite the fact that winters make you increasingly lazy, it is definitely worth the push. 

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6. Light A Fire Or Candles

 If you have the space to light a fire then go for it. But in India, most houses don’t come with a fireplace, so instead just light a bunch of candles to keep the room nice and cosy. 

7. Keep Your Head And Neck Covered

It is essential to keep your neck and head covered in the cold, the most easily affected parts of your body. Invest in a few cute scarfs and beanies, a legit excuse to go shopping!

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8. Hot Water Bottle

Slip a hot water bottle into your blanket and it’ll warm up your bed for when you actually slip in, you’ll be surprised at the wonders of this trick!

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