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Breakup 101: Katrina Kaif Teaches Us How To Deal With An Ex Like An Adult

Breakup 101: Katrina Kaif Teaches Us How To Deal With An Ex Like An Adult

We’ve all gone through terrible breakups, and while most celebrities shy away from discussing their personal lives there are a few who take this opportunity to show that a breakup, even a public one, isn’t the end of the world. Katrina Kaif is one such celebrity who has remained poised through her relationships and breakups with co-stars. The actress was dating Salman Khan when she entered Bollywood in 2005 broke up with the actor in 2009 and went on to date Ranbir Kapoor, who proved to be one of her most controversial relationships. The two dated up until early 2016, and rumours suggested that the actor cheated on Katrina. However, they did end up working together in Jagga Jasoos and Katrina even admitted that she is cordial with Ranbir’s current girlfriend, Alia Bhatt.

Katrina has quite openly spoken about not letting her exes and their current relationships interfere with her perspective towards life, relationships and her work, so we couldn’t help but gather wisdom from this gorgeous actress.

Here are some of the most badass lessons the actress has taught us!

Lesson No 1 – Do What Feels Right To You


In a recent interview with a leading daily, Katrina spoke about how she has taken her relationships one day at a time and just follows her gut, “There’s nothing like it’s hard or easy. A relationship should feel right to you and you should take it one day at a time. To answer the other part of your question, I think every experience has only enriched me; I don’t think relationships can drain or empty you emotionally. Right now, I’m not even thinking of a relationship, we’ll cross the bridge when we get to it.”

Lesson No 2 – Laugh & Smile For Yourself


When asked how she feels in the presence of her exes, especially since Katrina has been working with them, she told a newspaper, “I just don’t feel awkward and I don’t carry any heavy thoughts about it. As I said, all my experiences have only given me something. Also, why do we have to make everything so complex and heavy? It’s a personal thing and may not work for everyone, but if I had two options, I would always choose the simple one over the heavy and complex. Why would I want to feel awkward in anyone’s presence? I would rather smile, laugh, have a good chat and keep it easy, instead of keeping a sad face. Simple!” She makes it sound so easy breezy! 

Lesson No 3 – Learn From Your Past Relationships


The actress admitted that she let her relationship consume her work, “There was another phase which came, which was also great and it was a phase where I think I kind of let go a bit and I was really consumed and taken over by something else in my life which was not my work.” While talking to Neha Dhupia on her talk show, the actress spoke about her relationship with Ranbir Kapoor at length and also added that she doesn’t regret letting her work take a back seat but is ready to get back on track now. “Basically the relationship that was in my life became my focus and I was happy. I don’t say that in a regretful way. What I did in that, maybe which in retrospect you learn from is I probably let a lot of things in the way I was working slide a bit,” Katrina said. 

Lesson No 4 – Focus On You Instead Of Him


Katrina has in previous interviews said that she chose to focus on herself and rebuilt her own life instead of focusing on the person with whom the relationship ended. “After my last relationship ended, I was forced to analyse many things about myself and my life and the way I was living it. Whatever was supposed to happen, happened. Everything happens for a reason,” she told a leading magazine. 

“I had to break before I could proceed to rebuild myself. I had to unravel and feel everything that had happened I had to take full responsibility for my part in the equation, what I could and should have done better. And accept that the parts that I was not responsible for were not my problem,” she added. How inspiring is that! 

Lesson No 5 – Do Not Shut Yourself Out


In a recent interview, the actress shared some golden words of wisdom that her mother had said to her, “One thought that helped me when I was at my lowest was something my mom told me, ‘So many girls and women go through the same thing; you feel you are alone, but you are not.’ That thought was very comforting.” How true! 

When asked if she would be hesitant towards dating someone from the industry once again, the actress’ response proved that she isn’t that easy to break, “Not at all! We don’t need to give this any thought. I have no preconceived ideas and thoughts regarding relationships. I just know that it has to happen organically.”

Maybe it’s time Katrina Kaif wrote a book on dealing with breakups! 

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