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Katrina Kaif Just Showed Us Her Go-To Makeup Look & It’s All About Colour!

Katrina Kaif Just Showed Us Her Go-To Makeup Look & It’s All About Colour!

Bollywood actors and their flawless skins is a topic that I would really like to talk about in detail. They’ve got buttery soft cheeks (or that’s how it looks on screen) and rosy pink cheeks like they’re forever flushed. Even their no-make-makeup-looks look effortless and it’s almost like they really aren’t wearing any cosmetic product on their face. While I don’t have all the answers to how they don’t have fine lines, dark spots or acne, I do know that they’ve got makeup secrets up their sleeves to look forever gorgeous. 

Katrina Kaif just shared her makeup secrets with us and we’re screaming with joy.

In an Instagram video, the star who’s known for her fresh and dewy makeup spoke about some of her fave products and touched upon skincare too. Read on!

Brown Eyeliner For A Subtle Summer Look

A brown eyeliner isn’t as stark as a black one so it’s great for a day-time look. Katrina says that she uses it with loads of mascara so that her eyes look soft and warm.

Blue Eyeliner For A Vibrant And Fun Vibe

For a fun and happy summer look, you can go with a blue eyeliner to add some drama and colour. You can do a colour blocking look with some purple in the crease or you can let the liner be the focus and go for a nude lip.

How To Deal With Redness Or Acne?

For redness and acne, Katrina Kaif spoke about every MUAs’ favourite technique- colour correction. She said, “Sometimes redness isn’t due to acne or scarring; it’s just the redness of your skin. Some people have rosacea which can be red. A makeup tip I’ve learned from a lot of makeup artists is using a green colour corrector. Apply green colour corrector over redness wherever it may be over the skin and blend it. On top of that, you can use a concealer or foundation and that should take care of the redness completely.”

Watch the complete video here:

Katrina Kaif’s skin is always glowing and looking just about flawless and now we know the secret! Thanks for these tips, Kat!

Image Source: Instagram

09 Jul 2020

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