Kartik Aaryan’s ‘Dhamaka’ Trailer Is Out & Here Are 5 Reasons We’re Watching It On Loop

KanupriyaKanupriya  |  Oct 20, 2021
Kartik Aaryan’s ‘Dhamaka’ Trailer Is Out & Here Are 5 Reasons We’re Watching It On Loop


Recently, Kartik Aaryan had taken to his social media handle and announced that the trailer of his upcoming movie, Dhamaka, would release on October 19. He wrote, “Kal hoga #Dhamaka, Trailer out tomorrow !! #ArjunPathak.” Well, we had been waiting patiently for it and now that it’s here, we cannot stop watching it. Take a look:

If we are also speaking the truth and only the truth, then we have to say that this trailer is giving us major goosebumps! It had been a while since we saw any of Kartik’s movies and his fans were missing him terribly. The fact that he was ousted from a few big banner films was a major bummer, but now we finally have reasons to rejoice. The actor recently wrapped up his shooting of another upcoming movie, Freddy, and now he’s all set to impress his audience with his performance in Dhamaka.

The trailer has already got more than ten million views and we’re pretty sure that we have watched it a million times ourselves. While it’s too early to say anything, we think that the movie is going to be a massive hit. Here’s the reason why we’re watching the trailer on loop and have such high hopes from the film:

What A Comeback!


We are sure that the actor will do an amazing job as a media reporter, Arjun Pathak. His role is of a journalist who is torn between doing what’s right and what his company requires. Kartik has finally taken a break from his usual boy-next-door roles (thankfully) and the glimpse of his performance is giving us chills.

Thrilling Storyline

Dhamaka is inspired by a Korean movie, The Terror Live. It’s a fab film (watch it STAT if you haven’t already) and hence, our expectations from its Bollywood adaptation are high as well. During an interview with a leading daily, Kartik talked about the similarities his movie has with the OG version and said, “We’ve changed it (Dhamaka) for our audience when it comes to its values, setting and other key aspects. But the story is also good enough to appeal to all kinds of audience everywhere.”

Reality Check


In the trailer, we can see Kartik struggling between doing what’s morally correct and what’s good for his channel’s TRP. We think that movie will showcase the sad reality of today’s world where people are obsessed with ‘views and likes’ instead of reporting what’s authentic.

Background Score

We are already loving the music in the trailer. It is meaningful, expressing the emotions of the actors perfectly and giving us a rush of adrenaline. We cannot wait to hear the full album now.

Bada Dhamaka


The trailer is giving us goosebumps because it has action, romance, drama and thrill.

BRB, have to clear my schedule and mark my calendar for the release date (November 19).

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