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Kartik Aaryan Wants ‘Someone Like Deepika’ To be His Wife. Sara, Are You Listening?

Kartik Aaryan Wants ‘Someone Like Deepika’ To be His Wife. Sara, Are You Listening?

Remember when Kartik Aaryan and Deepika Padukone had us all speculating about them being the next filmy jodi post their impromptu dance sequence outside the Mumbai airport? Well, we aren’t over it yet and it seems even Kartik isn’t. In a recent interview with a media portal, Kartik got into a conversation on his upcoming film Dostana, his terms with Karan Johar, link-up rumours with Janhvi Kapoor, and, most interestingly, his admiration for Deepika Padukone

On being questioned about the possibility of a romance brewing between him and Janhvi, he brushed it aside by saying that whoever is making this up, “needs to do some research first.” When asked about what sort of person he is actually looking to marry then, he promptly replied, “Someone like Deepika Padukone.” And while this answer has a lot to do with the fact that he admires the actress a lot, it also comes from the kind of wife that she happens to be. Kartik shared that he seeks the kind of person “who shows off her husband proudly” and sees that quality in Deepika.

However, even after being asked if he plans to work with Katrina Kaif in the future, he remained fixated to DP and said, “I actually look better with DP also. Will you find our pairing interesting as well? You answer this. Please manifest this into the universe that I do a film with DP.”

As you might be aware, this is not the first time he has expressed the desire of working with Deepika. Earlier this year Kartik had taken to Instagram to share a collage of the two together. He captioned it, “Hai kisi director mein dum?” literally challenging directors in Bollywood to cast them together. Talk about not-so-subtle hints!

Deepika too seems to be quite fond of the current Bollywood heartthrob. She shared in a media statement, “I saw him on Instagram…And I started observing him and something about him I find so endearing, I find him extremely hardworking. I have not met him too many times, so I don’t know as an outsider my understanding is that he’s extremely focused, he’s extremely driven. And he is not apologetic about it. He will do whatever it takes to be successful. He will do whatever it takes to be at the top. And I love that about him.”


Well, seems like Kartik Aaryan has literally taken up Kainaayt’s job of bringing the two together as the next big on-screen pair. How well do you think this Jodi would work on screen?

Featured Image: Instagram 

04 Jun 2020

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