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Kartik Aaryan Reveals His Craziest Fan Encounter & It Involves Stalking, His Mom & A Marriage Proposal

Kartik Aaryan Reveals His Craziest Fan Encounter & It Involves Stalking, His Mom & A Marriage Proposal

When you’re a popular Bollywood star like Kartik Aaryan, it means you’re going to have a lot of dedicated fans. Sometimes too dedicated! Over the years the actor has become one of the most loved celebs in the tinsel town and has acquired a massive fandom but there is a crazy side to the fame as well. Recently, Kartik opened up about a fan who started stalking his mother on the ‘Gram and it is every bit a wild tale.

In an interview, Kartik was asked if he has met any obsessive fans and he said, “Ek recently hua tha, usne mujhe nahi meri mummmy ko stalk karna chalu kar diya ladki ne aur unko insta ID mei message bhejne lagi thi, ‘mujhe aapki bahu banna hai, main aapke ghar pe jhadu pocha bhi laga lungi’ (It happened recently, she started to stalk my mother. She used to message her privately saying that she wants to become her daughter-in-law, and said that she is ready to sweep and mop the house as well)”


We really need a moment to wrap our heads around this! Out of all the crazy marriage proposals we have heard about, this one surely takes the cake. Kudos to Kartik for being so calm about the entire ordeal.

This is not the first time that Kartik’s love for his fans has caught our attention. The actor never misses out on a chance to go the extra mile for his followers. In an earlier interview, the Dhamaka star opened up on his fandom and the love he receives from people. “It feels good that several titles have been attached to my name. Sometimes, my poses also get trending. A few months back, my fans started ‘Pose like Kartik Aaryan’ on social media. I am happy and feel lucky to receive so much love from people. Hope more titles get attached to my name. I hope I always live up to people’s expectations,” he has said.

We love how Kartik has embraced the crazy side of his fans! He is a superstar in making, don’t you agree?

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12 May 2022

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