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Kartik Aaryan Speaks On His Problematic TikTok Video & We Don’t Think He’ll Ever Get It

Kartik Aaryan Speaks On His Problematic TikTok Video & We Don’t Think He’ll Ever Get It

We are getting to see a new side of our B-Town celebs during the lockdown. As they take to social media to give us a sneak peek into their everyday lives, to show how they are coping up with the domestic chores, and urge their fans to stay safe during the pandemic, it is rather endearing to see their non-glam, non-glitzy avatar. However, things seem to be going the same old way for Kartik Aaryan as he yet again faces misogyny allegations. 

It all started with a TikTok video that was shared by Kartik recently. In the video, he could be seen pulling his sister’s hair in what’s supposed to be a funny manner and pushing her off after she serves bad food to him. He captioned it, “No Compromise on Quality.” Things went downhill for the actor shortly after posting the video as people started calling him out for the misogynistic message that might promote domestic violence, especially during the lockdown.


“It is a slap in the face of those women who are trapped inside their home due to the coronavirus lockdown, suffering domestic violence,” Sona Mohapatra had said as her reaction to the video. Kartik quickly deleted the video after the backlash and that’s when Sona lauded the move and expressed that she also hopes that he takes “responsible” roles in the future just like he took responsibility for the problematic video. 

 Here take a look at the video as recently shared by a Twitter user:


However, it seems like Kartik actually deleted the video more because of the reaction it garnered and less because of his realisation of its problematic messaging. The actor has finally spoken on the same in a recent interview, “It was said that it promoted domestic violence. Think about it, if that had been the case, don’t you think my sister would have objected? Or my mom? They watched it before we uploaded it. Things are sometimes blown out of proportion as well. After I deleted the video, many people asked me why did I delete it. There are two sides to everything. You just have to go along. But I am not promoting anything,” said the Pati Patni Aur Woh actor.

“I know it hurts some people’s sentiments, that’s why I deleted it. If someone was even slightly hurt by it, I should just delete it and not get into it. I wouldn’t really care about it,” he further added.


Upon Kartik’s insistence, we really did “think about it” and feel that the things have actually been “blown out of proportion.” And who blew it out of proportion? Kartik Aaryan himself! By signing one problematic film after the other. To begin with, you hardly leave any scope for the benefit of doubt when you go on selecting one sexist film after another. Plus, who are we kidding?

This is the actor who has never once uttered a single word of contention against the misogynistic messaging of his films, which basically rules out the argument that he was new in the industry and didn’t know any better. The fact that he went on selecting films with similar messaging even after Pyaar Ka Punchnama does not help the case either.


Also, it is highly problematic how Kartik has tried to brush it off by simply saying that his mom and sister would have said something had it actually been problematic. I mean talk about privilege! Does he actually think that sexism and misogyny would disappear if the victims start, just start objecting? Will men ever take responsibility for their own mindsets?

In fact, this is the same actor who has defended the sexist stance of his films after getting pitched against Ayushmann Khurrana by saying that “It often happens that Ayushmann does films about men with defects while I do films about women with defects.” I mean, the actor is not even trying to make reasonable arguments here. Why should we let him get away with so little?


Featured Image: Instagram

20 May 2020
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