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In A First, A Homegrown Fashion Brand Is All Set To Introduce A Sustainable Bridal Line!

In A First, A Homegrown Fashion Brand Is All Set To Introduce A Sustainable Bridal Line!

How important is the future of sustainable fashion in the light of a global health crisis and global warming? The answer lies in our choices, for now, more than ever before, it’s time for us to take slow fashion into our stride—be it for our day-to-day choices or for special occasions.

Why Sustainable Fashion?

Did you know that fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world? In such a scenario where the industry needs to introspect its practices, sustainability is key. Broadly, sustainable fashion refers to taking into consideration environmental concerns, while also creating an ethically sound practice for the workers in the industry. An all-encompassing term that promotes reuse and re-wear, upcycling as well as responsible buying practices, sustainable fashion is aimed to inflict the minimum possible or zero damage to the planet.

A Step In The Right Direction


For KARLEO, a brand founded in 2013 and focussed on ready-to-wear and couture garments, sustainability is the next step and with a fresh new approach too! Having a background in fashion export, the designers rely on a strong network of craftsmen across India, marrying the craft with design sensibilities of international couture in their designs. During these times when ‘work from home’ is the new norm, their team of artisans is fully dedicated to creating an exciting new collection of evening wear and bridal ensembles keeping reuse on the forefront. Reuse how you ask?

Enter the ReCouture collection, which is currently in the works and is slated for an August launch. What’s new is the fact that by utilising excess material and embellishments, KARLEO is foraying into the bridalwear market—yes, you read it right—a homegrown fashion brand introducing a sustainable bridal line, now that’s a first! The aim is to veer towards zero-wastage with this sustainable approach. In a country like India where weddings are big business, this step towards conscious fashion is commendable.

The Inspiration


The designers derived their inspiration from nature, the foliage in the forests influencing them to create statement accessories and attires. Comprising tulle, satin, and crêpe, 14 outfits by the brand portrayed in a subtle palette transitioning between white and pastel shades will be available next month. Working from home, the craftspeople have been developing the samples featuring patchwork, appliqué, and hand-weaving techniques. Take a look at the exclusive artworks and mood board for the upcoming design collection below:





Elaborating on their upcoming evening wear collection, the label stated, “In these uncertain times that are redefining the concept of normal, along with the way we think and create, we must learn to respect this planet that we call home. Taking forward our initiative towards sustainability and zero-wastage, we are introducing our first core collection entirely based on our concept of ReCouture, which makes use of the excess. The concept has gained new meaning now, and we feel inspired as we are all set to present a complete ReCouture collection of bridal and eveningwear.”

Speaking in terms of the future of bridalwear, the brand “sees sustainable fashion in customization where brides can be a part of the process and personalize their wedding outfit for their big day.” They also plan to expand the forte, following sustainable practices and zero-wastage principles, in the masks they produce.


Let’s hope that we see more such initiatives that are aimed at a more sustainable future in fashion. After all, it is the need of the hour. There is no Planet B.

Featured Image: Unsplash/Instagram

08 Jul 2020

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