Subtle Yet Stunning: You’ve Got To Recreate Kareena Kapoor’s No-Makeup Makeup Look

Anandita MalhotraAnandita Malhotra  |  Aug 11, 2020
Subtle Yet Stunning: You’ve Got To Recreate Kareena Kapoor’s No-Makeup Makeup Look

Kareena Kapoor joined Instagram only a few months ago, but has taken social media by storm ever since. She posts pictures of herself chilling in kaftaans, having lazy days all the time, hanging out with her family, and of course of baby Tim! Well, it’s safe to assume that Insta got a lot more lit after the Queen Bee graced us with her presence.

Recently, in true Poo style, Bebo woke up one morning and got her glam quotient on. She put together a subtle makeup look that made her look, well, pretty hot and tempting (if you don’t know this reference, we can’t help you). Well, looking at her has inspired me to get out of my jammies and actually slap on some makeup to recreate her PHAT look. 

Here Is How You Can Recreate Kareena Kapoor’s Look

Step One: Base

Because you’re recreating this makeup look for the day, a light to medium coverage foundation would be ideal. You want your skin to look fresh and don’t want a cakey finish. You can build it up after using moisturiser and blend it in with a makeup sponge for even application. If you want added coverage, you can always go in with a concealer or colour corrector.

Step Two: Glam Up Your Eyelids

Because Bebo wanted to keep her look subtle, she chose a subtle brown shade for crease to just define it. This is perfect for a barely-there makeup look. You can start with an even base by prepping your eyelids with eyelid primer or concealer. She even added a think line of black near her upper lashline- you can do the same with black eyeshadow of a pencil brush and smudge it out just a tiny bit.

Step Three: Dust On Loose Powder

We’re in the peak of monsoon and the stickiness is really getting to most of us. You can seal your base in place by dusting around some loose powder, especially around your mouth, T-zone, and under-eyes where the makeup tends to crease the most.

Step Four: Warm Up Your Skin

Warm up the skin using a matte bronzer, that’ll act as a contour on the hollows of your cheeks and add definition to the rest of your face. Add it to your temples as well as under your jawline and blend it in so that it doesn’t look too harsh. 

Step Five: Pop On Some Blush

For the flushed look that Bebo has going for her, add a tiny amount of a pinkish blush. This will add some drama to the otherwise subtle look and will also warm up the face slightly. It’s great for a day look.

Step Six: Get Your Brows On Fleek

Use whichever brow product you feel comfortable with–pomade, brow pencil or powder and fill in the gaps in your eyebrows. Try not to use a heavy hand and keep the strokes light. Remember to comb out the hair using a spoolie for a more natural look.

Step Seven: Don’t Forget The Lashes

Eyelashes make a huge difference when it comes to makeup and that’s why coating on the mascara is a great idea. Here Kareena has used falsies, but you can use a great mascara and will be able to achieve a similar look. 

Step Eight: Lipstick

Finally, use a nude lipstick to complete the look–Bebo has used one with a glossy finish to add some drama to the otherwise basic makeup look, you can do the same. If you don’t have a sheer nude lipstick, you can always add a gloss to the centre of your lips to make them appear plumper.

This is a great Bebo-approved look for you when you have a Zoom meeting but don’t want to look OTT. So, let’s get PHAT together?

Featured Image: Instagram