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Did Kareena Kapoor Khan Demand A Huge Fee To Portray The Role Of Sita? The Actress Finally Breaks Her Silence

Did Kareena Kapoor Khan Demand A Huge Fee To Portray The Role Of Sita? The Actress Finally Breaks Her Silence

While Kareena Kapoor Khan may love to indulge in some B-town gossip, she likes to steer clear of drama herself. As she mentioned on the Koffee couch that she’s in a ‘zen and calm’ mode, so nothing really gets to her. The actress usually does not even waste her energy in trying to address baseless rumours. However, she has finally spoken up about a rumour that made headlines months ago. The word on the street was that Bebo demanded a huge amount to play the role of Sita in a film. 


According to the title tattle, Kareena had hiked her fees and demanded ₹12 crores for playing Sita in an adaptation of the Hindu mythological epic Ramayan. A report claimed that earlier the actress charged six to eight crores but she doubled her fees for the film since Bebo would have to invest several months of work into the project. Since people nowadays are simply looking for a reason to take offense, a few social media users claimed that their religious sentiments were hurt. On the other hand, it also triggered a debate on whether this would have still been an issue if a male actor were to hike his fees. 

In a recent interview, Bebo was asked about the film and how the topic of pay disparity was twisted into something else because of heavy trolling. She responded, “The reason I never gave an explanation is because I was never offered that film. I don’t even know why I was put into that because I wasn’t the choice for the film. These all are made-up stories and I don’t want to put anybody down because maybe even they need stories. Every day people are looking for some sort of stories on Instagram but I don’t know where it came from.” 

We live in a world where it has become very easy for people to take things personally even based on hearsay. It’s high time society starts focusing on things that actually matter and affect us as a whole. And when it comes to Bebo, we love how she handled the chaos without even wasting her time on clarification. Well, whether Bebo plays Sita or not—you gotta agree that she certainly is priceless! 

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05 Aug 2022

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