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The Most Epic BB 15 Jodi Has Won The Ticket To Finale Now & We Are Hella Excited For Them

For three whole weeks now the Bigg Boss 15 makers are desperately trying to conduct a Ticket To Finale task, the logic of which escapes us like most other viewers. We are confused because Rakhi Sawant has already secured her place in the final week and this happened more than a month ago. To add another name to this tally just takes away the fun from the show by making it too predictable. To make things worse, a clear bias can be seen on the makers’ end. It is pretty evident that they are trying to push some people (read, Shamita Shetty) in the finale week who might not make it otherwise. However, there is only so much that they can control and despite the makers’ constant effort to push their favourites to the finale week, two deserving contestants have finally bagged the coveted slot. Now, who they might be, you ask? Let us help you with a hint here—it is the most epic BB 15 jodi and no, it is not a romantic one.

Despite endless efforts from the makers’ and housemates’ end to break them apart, #UmRan have managed to survive it all and secure their places in the finale week of the show. This makes us particularly happy because both Karan Kundrra and Umar Riaz have been giving their hundred per cent in the Ticket To Finale tasks. They have been doing everything that they can to either win the Ticket To Finale or block their competition from making it. It sounds only fair that they have won it now.

However, we are yet to find out how this power-packed jodi finally managed to claim the prize given that they have not aired it on the TV yet. But we are hundred per cent sure that #Umran have won the Ticket To Finale task because we can clearly see both Karan and Umar walking around the house with their star (VIP) badges.

This makes us hella excited about tonight’s episode. It would be interesting to watch the makers fail one more time while attempting to give it all to their ladli. That said, with two more Ticket To Finale spots up for grabs, we are kinda sure that they will find a way to twist it around and have their way with the verdict. In fact, Karan and Umar’s win can be a ploy to pacify the viewers who have been quite disillusioned by the show this season. Either way, we are elated for #UmRan right now and really impressed with how the two have proved that true friendship can survive in the Bigg Boss house. Here’s to their epic dosti and Ticket To Finale win!

Featured Image: Twitter

03 Jan 2022

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