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We’re Calling It! 5 Reasons Why We’re Convinced Karan Kundrra Will Take The BB 15 Trophy Home

KanupriyaKanupriya  |  Oct 18, 2021
We’re Calling It! 5 Reasons Why We’re Convinced Karan Kundrra Will Take The BB 15 Trophy Home


The fourth week of Bigg Boss 15 has begun and we cannot wait for the drama to get even more intense now. Farah Khan gave all the gharwalas the boost they needed in yesterday’s Weekend Ka Vaar episode and tips to level up their performance. Her insights into every contestant’s gameplay were spot on and we totes agree with the ranks she assigned to them based on their contribution to the show. She placed Vishal Kotian in the third position, Tejasswi Prakash in second and the first spot was allotted to Karan Kundrra. Honestly, we were not surprised at all!

The actor has taken the show by a storm and there’s hardly any viewer who’s not loving him in the house. He’s the player we’re rooting for because he has all the qualities that can get him the trophy. If (read: when) that happens on the Grand Finale night, we won’t be surprised because here are the reasons we believe that KK might just win BB 15:

Hello, New Mastermind!


From the very first day on the show, Karan has opted for a ‘divide and rule’ policy to break Shamita Shetty, Pratik Sehajpal and Nishant Bhat’s bond. The best part is that he is strategising his moves right under their noses and challenging them blatantly to defeat him. Yet, the three main gharwalas are failing miserably and behaving exactly the way the actor wants them to. If that’s not a Sherlock-level game plan, we don’t know what is.

Calm & Composed

One of the easiest things to do in the Bigg Boss house is to lose temper and get triggered by other gharwalas. That’s why it’s commendable that the MTV Love School host has not let any contestant or situation get under his skin. He has rarely got involved in petty fights and mostly remained composed during tasks. This shows that the actor knows his priorities well and is focused just on the target—the trophy.

Massive Fan Base


Apart from Farah Khan, there are several celebrities who believe that Karan is the strongest player of BB 15. Roadies fame Varun Sood recently shared a tweet on his social media handle and predicted that the 1921 actor will win the reality show.

During a recent interview with a leading daily, TV actress Kamya Punjabi revealed that her fave contestant is KK and said, “I am loving Karan Kundrra in the show. His one-liners and sometimes speaking Punjabi in the middle of a conversation is very cute. He’s been a constant source of entertainment and he has also kept his calm and isn’t fighting unnecessarily.”

We agree with everything that these actors are saying and think that Karan will not have a shortage of votes on the show ever!

Strong Alliances In The House

Not just outside the BB house, the actor has made strong alliances with other gharwalas as well. While Simba Nagpal, Umar Riaz and Ieshaan Sehgal follow the actor’s instructions blindly during the game, Pratik and Nishant avoid getting into fights with him. Well, fear him or love him, gharwalas know that staying on good terms with Karan might be beneficial for them.

Entertaining AF!


Karan is not at all boring and that’s a major reason why his fans love him. He is determined to win the game, but is not obsessed with it all the time. He is goofy, can make you smile with his cute antics and knows how to spice up a boring day with his shenanigans. As much as we love to watch him plot his moves during the task, we love watching him chill with his friends in the house as well. Basically, we enjoy watching him all the time during the episode. Period.

We defs know the contestant we’re voting for and hope that you do too!

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