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This Video Of Kajol Falling Off A Cycle Has Karan Johar Taking A Trip Down Memory Lane

This Video Of Kajol Falling Off A Cycle Has Karan Johar Taking A Trip Down Memory Lane

Happy Bicycle Day fam!

June 3 is observed as World Bicycle Day and some of our fave Bollywood actors are celebrating it by sharing their pics and videos on their social media handles. Environmental crusader and actor Dia Mirza shared a stunning throwback snap of herself riding a bicycle on Twitter and wrote, “Love cycling! More cycling tracks please #WorldBicycleDay

Kajol also took to her Instagram handle and shared a throwback video where she can be seen cycling along with Shah Rukh Khan. The clip is actually from their movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and one look at it will instantly remind you of the song Ye Ladka Hai Deewana. But before you start humming, get ready for a big surprise. Take a look to know what we’re talking about:

The video is, in fact, a BTS clip, where the actress can be seen losing her balance and tumbling down. Even though we have seen enough interviews of Kajol to know that she is prone to such accidents, honestly, this one looks rough.

She captioned the clip and wrote, “And a very Happy Bicycle Day to you too🙄 #WorldBicycleDay” While we love her sense of humour, there was another interesting thing that grabbed our attention. Her friend and filmmaker, Karan Johar’s comment. He wrote, “Oh god! I remember this so clearly! And can’t forget what happened after 😂”


Alright, if you are wondering exactly what KJo is talking about, then let us clear it for you. Believe it or not, Kajol lost her memory temporarily after falling off her bicycle! Yep, no kidding! SRK said so himself during an interview a few years back.

In October 2018, KKHH completed 20 years and while sharing an anecdote with his fans, he said, “…She (Kajol) had short term amnesia, she had lost her memory, she truly did. First we thought it was the shock… She forgot everyone… She didn’t know who she was, who she was with, what she was doing here…”


Wow, we bet you didn’t know about this! TBH, we had forgotten about this story as well. Guess we gotta thank KJo for reminding us and tickling our funny bone. 

Feature Image: Instagram

03 Jun 2021

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