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Kapil Sharma Just Body-Shamed Someone On Twitter & Honestly, We Aren’t Surprised

Kapil Sharma Just Body-Shamed Someone On Twitter & Honestly, We Aren’t Surprised

In the comic corridors, they have long maintained that body shaming and sexism when incorporated in comedy cease to be problematic given that they stop being serious. I mean, you won’t believe that I once lost an argument to a man who ‘joked’ that women who wear revealing clothes basically ask for it and then went on saying that I am being a ‘butthurt’ for my inability to take jokes. 

Well, with the same argument the otherwise apparent misogyny of the Kapil Sharma Show along with his problematic husband-wife jokes and transphobia have long been excused too. But here’s a question: can we really separate the artist from the art? Here’s an even more important question: how are we supposed to deduce it when these comedians take their problematic comments from stage to real life?

Well, something similar happened with Kapil Sharma recently after he got infuriated by a random question asked by a Twitter user. “Bharti ka kya haal hua? Jb tk pakdi nahi gayi.. drugs nahi leti thi..wo hi haal aapka hai shayad..jb take pakde nahi ja..,” the tweet read. Now, we don’t support online harassment or trolling and are of the belief that trolls need to be called out publically so as to teach them a lesson. However, what we also don’t support is stooping down to their level and answering them with an even more problematic response, which is something that Kapil actually ended up doing. 


In a now-deleted tweet, Kapil answered the troll by writing “Pehle apne size ka shirt silwa mote” and well there is no way we can overlook the obvious body-shaming here. Shortly after his tweet, the comedian started getting flak for it. “Sir I admire you but this is not good that you are replying to someone saying:- “Pehle apni Shirt silva Mote”. Don’t you think that you are relying on Body shaming this is a shame on you and the people who are following you, You are giving this kinda teaching,” a user wrote. Kapil thus eventually ended up deleting the tweet. 

However, the damage is already done and the fact that he didn’t shy away from body shaming a person on social media in the most nonchalant way just proves that he is as problematic as he sounds in all his shows. It also proves that it’s not a matter of comedy but a meter of ideology. Well, thank you for settling a very pressing argument for us Kapil Sharma. We owe you one!

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26 Nov 2020

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