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Stop What You Are Doing & Check Out These Dreamy Pics From Kanika Kapoor’s White Wedding

Stop What You Are Doing & Check Out These Dreamy Pics From Kanika Kapoor’s White Wedding

This has been an exciting month, all thanks to Kanika Kapoor and her big fat wedding in London. The popular Bollywood singer and beau, Gautam Hathiramani recently broke the internet with gorgeous pictures from their shaadi festivities. From her angelic look for the mehendi function to glamm doll avatar for the reception, Kanika kept us glued to our screens throughout her ceremonies. And as the month is about to end, she finally listened and gave us a little more to marvel at.

After the grand desi wedding, Kanika and Gautam had a white wedding in the court recently and the pictures are all things dreamy. Here’s a sneak peek:

The Dreamy White Wedding

Kanika and Gautam are clearly having the best time of their life at the moment and this explains why they are trying to make their wedding celebrations last as long as possible. As the couple went to register for their wedding, they decided to make it an elaborate affair with a white wedding.


For the ceremony, Kanika wore a unique pantsuit that featured Chantilly lace details. To create a layered look, lace panels were added under her eggshell blazer. Mutton chop sleeves and cold shoulders completed the statement look. The singer paired her jacket with matching trousers that had sheer lace panels on the sides. The accessories were kept minimal and included dainty studs and a delicate bracelet. The look was finished with clean, glossy skin and soft curls.

Our favourite detail here? Kanika’s mehendi that provides a soft contrast to her pristine fit!


Sealing The Deal

Kanika and Gautam are now registered as husband and wife and we think they look picture perfect together.


Never Without The Fam

Gautam and Kanika’s loved ones have been an integral part of their wedding celebrations and the recent ceremony was no different.


And They Lived Happily Every after

It is a picture of Kanika and Gautam walking out of the court that happens to be our favourite one from the lot. The two look so happy and those rose petals are adding a magical touch. Here, take a look:


Guess it’s a wrap for Kanika and Gautam’s grand celebrations. Or is it? The singer’s Instagram stories suggest that she just landed in Mumbai and we won’t be too surprised if they decided to throw a second reception. NGL, we want it to happen. Here’s hoping that the couple graces our Instagram feed with pictures from their star-studded party soon!

Featured Image: Instagram

30 May 2022

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