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Kamya Punjabi Shuts Down Troll Who Shamed Her For Second Marriage & All We Can Say Is ‘You Go Gurl!’

Kamya Punjabi Shuts Down Troll Who Shamed Her For Second Marriage & All We Can Say Is ‘You Go Gurl!’

There is one thing that we really don’t understand— why do some people feel entitled enough to make nasty comments on celebs’ social media posts? In the last couple of years, telly actresses have been trolled for several dumb reasons! From celebrating birthdays to sharing a mushy pic on the ‘Gram…the list goes on and on!

Recently, Bigg Boss fame Kamya Punjabi received a hateful comment for ending her first marriage and remarrying. The actress got hitched to businessman Shalabh Dang last year. 

Allow us to give you come context— earlier this week, Kamya posted a video about women empowerment. While most of the comments on the post were positive, one netizen tried to shame the actress for her getting a divorce. The comment reads, “Ek apni shaadi to bacha ni payi talaq ho gya. Fir dusri shadi had hai (You failed to save your first marriage and got divorced. Then you married for the second time. This is the limit)”

Kamya was rightfully outraged about the comment! She replied, “So? Mujhe khush rehne ka ya jeene ka koi haq nahi hai? Talaq ho gaya toh aurat ko marr jaana chahiye? Talaq se zindagi khatam ho jaati hai aurat ki? Aap jaisi soch rakhne waalo ke khilaaf aaj harr ladki ko apni awaaz uthani padegi our utha bhi rahi hai… Mujhe kamzor naa samajna main ladki hoon lad sakti hoon (Do I have no right to stay happy? If divorced, should a woman die? Divorce is not the end of one’s life. Every girl needs to raise her voice against people with a mindset like yours. And, they are raising their voices. Do not think of me as weak. I am a woman and I can fight)”

Later, Banoo Main Teri Dulhann actress posted the screenshot on Twitter. Take a look:

We have so many thoughts about this post. First of all, kudos to Kamya for hitting back. Secondly, why do people not let women live their lives without judgement? Why does the simple fact that a woman can choose to move on after a relationship and find love again so unpalatable for people in this country? Kamya’s decision to get married again is her choice and no one has the right to comment on it!

Dear trolls, how about you think twice before leaving that nasty comment? Let’s try to make social media a healthy space for everyone!

10 Dec 2021

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