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Kamya Panjabi On Nepotism & How Fear Of Losing Work Stops TV Actors  From Speaking Up

Kamya Panjabi On Nepotism & How Fear Of Losing Work Stops TV Actors From Speaking Up

While the nepotism debate in the film industry has snowballed into a bigger, more heated conversation post Sushant Singh Rajput’s shocking death to suicide, the effect is just beginning to reflect in the TV fraternity. A month after a slew of nepotism charges took over the film industry, the TV actors are beginning to come out with their experience of the same. 

In a recent interview with a news platform, Kamya Panjabi opened up on the topic and said that nepotism and favoritism exist very much in the TV industry. However, no one wants to be a whistle-blower in the industry as it essentially means losing work and no one wants that.

“This happens, and will in the future too, pretty openly. And the actors who have had to face troubles because of it, they can’t raise their voices. If they do so, they won’t be cast again by the channel and would be banned from every production house. Then you’ll get to know that they’ve gone and committed suicide. Then people will say ‘Oh you will be missed’, ‘Rest in Peace’, ‘Paison ki kami nahi thi’ — bullsh*t,” she shared.  

Speaking on Sushant’s death and how his father’s dejected face made her well-up, Kamya further added, “I don’t know them personally, and never talked, maybe just met Sushant at a few parties. I had tears in my eyes. Voh maayoos lachaar baap kya karega? Nothing is easy in life. Such things happen a lot in TV and films, they might also happen outside too, but I haven’t worked there.”

Kamya who has also lost her dear friend Pratyusha Banerjee to suicide, however, insists that instead of getting dejected by this favoritism and losing all hope, the actors should raise a voice against this injustice. “Yes nepotism bharbhar ke hai yahaan. Dikhao na apni himmat, kaho laat maarte hain tumhaari film industry ko, paison ki kami nahi hai. Agar jaana hi hai, awaaz uthaake jaao. When you know you aren’t getting work, then come out and inki band bajaake ghar baitho,” she added.

Not one to mince her words, Kamya is known to always speak her mind and her comments on nepotism stand crucial for they might just open up a long hampered topic in the telly land. Let’s see what direction it takes from here. 

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12 Jul 2020

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