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Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham Completes 20 Years & These Dialogues Still Remain As Iconic As Ever

Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham Completes 20 Years & These Dialogues Still Remain As Iconic As Ever

Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham will be completing 20 years on December 14 and we need a minute to let that sink in. Has it already been that long? NGL, we can still watch the movie over and over again, without realising that it was released two decades ago. K3G is one of the most iconic films of Bollywood and the fact that it has remained our constant favourite for all these years is a big deal. Obviously, its 20th anniversary deserves a grand celebration and Karan Johar is making sure that we all are a part of it as well!

The director recently penned down an emotional note on his Instagram handle and shared how the movie’s success took him by surprise. He wrote, “It’s going to be 20 years and I still feel the euphoria of having this film release on the big screen and people going to watch it. But I feel the impact sank in for me much later. And that feeling hasn’t stopped ever since.” He also added that the family drama has aged quite well over the years and people still find its dialogues relatable. He wrote, “I see all the videos, all the occasions this film’s music is a part of, all the dialogues people have now inculcated in their daily life and of course – the fashion!! At the heart of it, I also see that after all this time – it’s all about loving your…family!❤️❤️”

We totes agree! Even after twenty years, we remember most of the movie’s dialogues by heart and still use them in our daily lives. If you’re wondering how, then let us help you out.

7 Ways To Use The Iconic Dialogues Of K3G

While almost every other dialogue of K3G is memorable, here are seven lines that are pretty savage and can sound quite hilarious if used in the right situations. Here’s how you can amp up your sense of humour and use these phrases on a daily basis:

When your friends and relatives say that you must have saved a lot during WFH


No, we haven’t! We spent every last penny on buying that expensive dress and skincare products that we did not really need, but very much wanted. So, next time when someone asks about your imaginary savings, smile and say what Kajol said, “Bade mazaaki ho, bade mazaaki ho!”

When your ex randomly texts you saying “dinner tonight?”


If your toxic ex ever tries to sneak his way into your life again, turn him down with the sassiest reply ever. Take inspiration from Kareena Kapoor’s Poo and tell him to let you know how his solo date was.

When you have to pamper your sis to get her clothes


If you need your sister’s new dress, then girl, you need to work for it. Pamper her like Poo pampered herself every time and tell her, “Tumhara koi haq nahi banta ki tum itni sundar lago. Not fair.” We bet she will give you everything she owns, instantly.

When you look at your plate full of biryani


Let’s admit it, there are very few things in the world that look as appealing as a plate full of biryani. Honestly, every time we look at biryani, all we can think is, “good looks, good looks, annnnd, good looks!

Momo is not even that tasty!


I’m sorry, but we all have the right to give unpopular opinions. Next time when you do that, try imitating Amitabh Bachchan’s stern voice and say, “Keh diya na, buss, keh diya,” for that extra effect.

When your mom and BFF team up and brutally roast you


No one can troll you better than your own mother and when she gangs up with your bestie, you need to run for the hills. Try blackmailing them emotionally next time and say, “Kabhi kabhi aisa kyu ho jata hai, ki apne hi paraye ho jate hai.”

Warning—you may not look as cute as Hrithik Roshan did while saying this dialogue and you might end up getting roasted even more.

Every time our bargaining skills fail and the street market wale bhaiya doesn’t call us back


It hurts, right? Bargaining is not everyone’s cup of tea and we usually try so hard to get a dress for half its price. We even threaten to leave and hope that the vendor will call us back immediately. NGL, our ego gets badly bruised when he doesn’t. All we can think is, “Kaun hai ye, jisne dobara mud ke mujhe nahi dekha, who is he?”

BRB, these dialogues made us nostalgic and now we need to watch the movie for the millionth time!

Featured Image: Instagram

08 Dec 2021

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