5 K-Beauty Trends You’re About To See Everywhere In 2022

Eden NoronhaEden Noronha  |  Jan 7, 2022
5 K-Beauty Trends You’re About To See Everywhere In 2022


When it comes to skincare trends, there’s no one who can beat the Koreans. Their unique and efficacious techniques, formulations, and products have proven to be effective for almost everyone which is why they are mega-popular all over the globe. From the famous 10-step routine to using natural ingredients like rice water, bamboo, and snail mucin, K-beauty is the reigning queen of the skincare world.

Experts from K-Beauty’s cult skincare brand belif gives us a head start on 5 Korean beauty skincare trends that are going to be huge this year.

5 New K-Beauty Skincare Trends To Try


Hybrid Haul

Hybrid K-Beauty products are being introduced in the market with the aim to reduce the typically extensive multi-step K-Beauty routine. belif experts tell us that it’s all about getting the benefits of two or three different products, packed in one tiny (yet powerful) product. Serum moisturisers, moisturising toners, spf moisturisers, toning cleansers and moisturisers are some examples of the hybrid product trend.

Skincare To Skip-Care

Another form of skin minimalism, the skip-care trend calls for swapping out those 10/12/15 step routines for something that goes back to the basics. It’s about getting results with fewer products that work extra hard to give you the kind of skin a multi-step routine would. Skip-care is a trend wherein only products and ingredients that your skin actually requires are used and any other excessive steps are eliminated. It could mean skipping on a night cream and directly applying a super hydrating sleeping mask that will cover the job of your moisturiser. You could also try hybrid products like a moisturising toner which will allow you to skip moisturiser and move on to sunscreen to complete your skincare routine. 

Biotic Love

How can we skip on the Koreans’ love for natural ingredients? Experts predict that this year probiotics are going to be huge in the K-beauty universe. Probiotics help reduce dryness, inflammation, redness, and any sort of irritation. This ingredient also helps prevent breakouts from occurring and can soothe existing acne while maintaining a healthy pH balance.

Fermented Forward

Fermented foods have been a huge part of the Korean diet for aeons. They have a multitude of health benefits which are now channelled into skincare as well. Look out for fermented ingredients in your skincare products, especially if tackling dryness and sensitivity is your top priority. Fermented ingredients aid in making your skin far more receptive towards nutrient absorption. Fermented ingredients are also a sensible choice for new product formulations as they increase the shelf life of products so you don’t have to worry about products going bad too quickly.

Hanbang Beauty

Hanbang is a form of traditional Korean medicine which involves the use of various herbs to treat illnesses and maintain overall health. Hanbang beauty products are inspired by these ancient Korean medicine practices and therefore traditional herb recipes and extraction methods are used to create the formulations as opposed to modern production methods. Following the hanbang spirit, this trend will help give you a spa-like treatment in the comfort of your home. It’s both functional and mentally relaxing, and takes a more inside-out kind of route when it comes to beauty and wellness.

With these K-Beauty trends in play, our new year skincare routines are looking even more promising.

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