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Justin Trudeau Wore A Veshti For Pongal And Our Hearts Are Doing A Lungi Dance!

Justin Trudeau Wore A Veshti For Pongal And Our Hearts Are Doing A Lungi Dance!

Canada is the land that has been known to celebrate inclusivity, diversity, and equal opportunities for its people regardless of gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation way before the rest of the world caught up. And a lot of these values are further emphasised by the actions of the current prime minister of Canada – Justin Trudeau.

A man proud of the many cultures that thrive in Canada, the Prime Minister goes above and beyond his duties to make sure that Indian festivals are celebrated with just as much panache as Canadian holidays. This time it was during the Pongal celebrations in Canada that Mr. Trudeau had us going DAMN, BOY!

Beginning his wish with a warm ‘Vanakkam’, and speaking about the significance of celebrating Pongal by the Tamilian community, the Prime Minister then went on to mark the importance of Tamil Heritage Month for the contributions of the community towards making Canada a stronger and more inclusive country. 

Dressed in a traditional veshti, the Prime Minister wished the people of Twitter ‘Iniya Thai Pongal Nalvazhthukkal’ and posted pictures of celebrating Tamil Heritage Month in Scarborough.

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The Prime Minister was accompanied by John Tory, the Mayor of Toronto, who also donned a blue kurta and white pajamas for the festivities.

It’s truly heartwarming to see Justin Trudeau celebrate diversity and bringing joy to all sections of communities living in Canada, and we hope he continues to be a beacon of hope to all Canadians, especially during some of the harsh times we face in other parts of the world today.

17 Jan 2018

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