We Found 6 *Pretty* Jewellery Pieces To Help You Nail Deepika's 'Padmavati' Look!

Manvi MalhotraManvi Malhotra  |  Oct 3, 2017
We Found 6 *Pretty* Jewellery Pieces To Help You Nail Deepika's 'Padmavati' Look!


If you are just as smitten by Deepika’s look in Padmavati as we are, then hey, we have great news! We did some research (thank us later!) and found 6 jewellery pieces online that look almost exactly like Deepika’s Padmavati jewellery. Excited yet? AND, they are not even that expensive. Awesome, right? Go ahead, check it out.

1. The royal bridal nath

1 padmavati jewellery bridal nath

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Deepika has worn multiple naths in Padmavati, but we picked this one, mainly because of it’s intricate detailing. The flower motifs carved with kundan and baby pearls is making us melt! This little trinket has the  power to make you look like a royal bride in an instant.

You can get this beautiful nath on Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop for Rs. 7,500.

2. These gold-toned pearl jhumkas

2 padmavati jewellery gold toned jhumkas

Deepika’s jhumka game is so strong in the movie that we just couldn’t help being smitten by it. She wore some really intricate gold jhumkas, with pearls hanging from them. If you want to add that ethereal touch to your bridal look, don’t think further and buy these.

We are sure that you will love these pretty ones we found on Myntra for Rs 799. They are not very heavy, but hey, that’s a plus! Afterall, how many heavy things will you handle apart from your lehenga?

3. A heavy borla with a maathapatti

3 padmavati jewellery borla mathapatti

Nothing screams Rajputana royalty like a precious stone-studded borla maathapatti. Just like naths, Deepika has donned a number of borlas and maathapattis in the movie. This swarovski crystals and pearl piece is pretty similar to the one she wore and we sure can’t take our eyes off it!

Get it here on Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop for Rs 16,500.

4. These stunning textured kadas

4 padmavati jewellery kada

Kadas are something that can instantly add to or take away from your look. You should be very sure about your kadas going with your outfit and these textured gold-toned kadas will go with most bridal lehengas. Plus, they are pretty similar to the one’s Deepika is sporting on the Padmavati poster!

We know you love them, we know you do! So hey, buy them on Myntra for just Rs 1,499.

5. This jaal-pattern three motif haath phool

5 padmavati jewellery handcuff

Haath phools or hand harnesses are just the perfect accessory for a bride’s henna clad hands. And if they look like this, it’s an added bonus. This three motif jaal pattern haath phool is just what you need to look and feel like royalty on your big day. It is not the typical design that we usually see brides wearing, so it will also give you an edge!

Buy this pretty piece on Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop for Rs 9,000.

6. This oh-so-pretty kundan studded Rajputana choker

6 padmavati jewellery rajputana choker

Chokers are the new ‘in’ thing and we know every girl loves them. But there is something so special about a Rajputana choker. The kundan and pearls add a royal charm to this piece and we just can’t get over how pretty it is! Perfect for the bride who wants to look stunning without going OTT.

Love it, don’t you? Then get it on Myntra for just Rs 1,299.

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