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Use Quarantine Positively: Jennifer Winget On Managing Mental Health During Lockdown

Use Quarantine Positively: Jennifer Winget On Managing Mental Health During Lockdown

The world is going through a health crisis because of the novel coronavirus, which has been declared as a pandemic. Over 12,000 people have lost their lives globally and about 451 confirmed cases have been reported in India (according to the latest data released by the govt). Owing to the rapid surge in the number of cases, almost the entire country has been put under lockdown. People of the biggest democracy in the world are trapped indoors and the order doesn’t spare anyone– whether you are a business tycoon, an actor or the common man. And while each one of us are cooped up in our homes worrying about our physical health, the lockdown is also taking a toll on our collective mental health. 

Keeping this in mind, popular TV actress, Jennifer Winget, who is in Day 6 of self-quarantine, shared an important message on her Instagram account. In her video, Jennifer is stressing on the relevance of mental health in unprecedented times like these. Take a look at her video:


In her message, Jennifer talks about how we must use this time positively and indulge in self-care. We all deserve it, right? “The first three days went by quickly but the fourth and fifth day went on forever,” she said. The actress further spoke about how some people are still being quite careless and not taking this health crisis as seriously as they should.  “Some people still don’t seem serious about the coronavirus outbreak and are going around with their normal life like nothing’s happened,” said the Beyhadh actress. She explained the importance of social distancing and emphasised on its need at this point in time to curb the spread of COVID-19. We completely agree with you, Jen!



On the work front, the shooting of Jennifer’s Beyhadh 2 has been stalled for now. Let’s all take this time to focus on positivity and being there for each other. We will fight the pandemic together. #StayHomeStaySafe


Featured Image: Instagram

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24 Mar 2020
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