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Jay & Mahhi Give A Hilarious Twist To Titanic’s Climax & It’s Better Than The Original

Jay & Mahhi Give A Hilarious Twist To Titanic’s Climax & It’s Better Than The Original

Do you also wonder at times that Titanic could have ended differently? We definitely do. If Rose had shifted a little, there would have been enough space for Jack on that wooden plank. He wouldn’t have drowned and they both would have lived happily ever after. Honestly, that could have saved us from all the waterworks by the end of the movie. Agree?

Well, we don’t know about you, but Jay Bhanushali and Mahhi Vij are completely on board with the idea of Titanic having a different climax. In fact, they have recreated it for their fans on their social media handles. And guess what? It’s not what you are expecting! Take a look for yourself:

With the help of an Instagram filter, Jay is seen creating an illusion of drowning in the water while his wifey tearfully bids him adieu. Honestly, the iconic song, My Heart Will Go On, is making it all look quite convincing. But soon enough, the couple adds a hilarious twist to the video that we surely didn’t see coming. The Hate Story 2 actor takes away his phone from Mahhi’s hand and ensures that his secrets die with him.

Jay captioned the video and wrote, “If there was a remake of #titanic in 2021..Jack jayega toh saath mein mobile lekar jayega…saboot saaf karna zaroori hain 😂🤣🤣🤣”


Isn’t that hilarious? TBH, we are sure that even the makers of Titanic could not have considered this alternate ending for their movie.

Feature Image: Instagram

30 May 2021

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