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If Jasmin Got A Dollar For Every Time She Said Rubina’s Name, She’d Win The Prize Money

KanupriyaKanupriya  |  Feb 9, 2021
If Jasmin Got A Dollar For Every Time She Said Rubina’s Name, She’d Win The Prize Money


Bigg Boss 14 finally broke its streak of disastrous twists and gave us one pleasant episode after months! The credit goes to all the old and new faces who have entered the show as connections of the gharwalas. The viewers definitely were delighted to see their fun banter and attempts at resolving the existing rivalries in the house. TBH, with such a celebratory atmosphere, we couldn’t believe that it was the same BB house that was a complete ruckus until a few days ago.

As if to remind us of the same chaos, Jasmin Bhasin took it upon herself to single-handedly ruin the good vibes of the house. While the gharwalas were having a gala time, the Naagin actress, who entered as Aly Goni’s connection, spew hatred throughout the episode. BTW, guess who was her sole target in almost ALL her conversations? Yep, Rubina Dilaik.


It’s no secret that by the time Jas was evicted, her equation with Rubina had gone downhill. Now, we’d assume the contestants to move on in life after leaving the show like grown-ups, right? But it seemed like the Dil Se Dil Tak actress was in no mood to let go of her grudges.

As a matter of fact, Jasmin had started attacking #RubiNav from the last Weekend Ka Vaar episode itself. When Jyotika Dilaik explained that her sister and Abhinav were facing a rough patch in their marriage, Jas was quick to intervene and ask “Toh fir aaye kyu show par?” Umm.. because they don’t need anyone’s permission, Jas?

Even in the house, when Aly tried explaining his bond with Rubina, Jasmin quickly retorted, “Toh ek kaam karna, trophy bhi apne haath se de dena usko”  and “Tum moh mein pagal ho gaye ho.” We don’t know about Aly but Jas definitely seems obsessed with Rubina ATM. And that’s not it, she even tried to rope in Nikki in her ‘Rubina Hate Club’.


Jasmin’s endless rant finally reached so far that Jyotika had to call her out for badmouthing her sister. Thankfully, Rahul, Jaan, and Aly sided with the latter and said what most of the audience were thinking at that moment. They said, “Matt karo ye sab yaar. We are very positive right now. Chill guys, c’mon, hum bade khush hai.”

Needless to say, Jasmin’s consistent attempt at spoiling the light atmosphere of the BB house didn’t go unnoticed by the fans and soon, #JasMean started trending on Twitter. Here’s what fans had to say:

It appears that after host Salman Khan, Jasmin is now obsessed with Rubina’s every single move in the game.

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