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Jasmin Bhasin & Rakhi Sawant’s Ugly Spat Will Remind You Of Bigg Boss 14 Once Again!

Jasmin Bhasin & Rakhi Sawant’s Ugly Spat Will Remind You Of Bigg Boss 14 Once Again!

If there’s one question that’s bugging everyone RN, it’s this—when will Bigg Boss 15 release? NGL, the wait is driving us insane. Where else can we find unlimited drama, cringe content, budding romance, sweet bromance, and nasty fights? Only in the BB house. Well, speaking of cringe and nasty fights, remember the time when Jasmin Bhasin and Rakhi Sawant went head to head in season 14? Yes, we are talking about the whole duck face episode, inappropriate comments, bullying, accusations, and… well, you get the drill, right?

Wondering why we’re suddenly recalling all these bitter memories? Because by the looks of it, we think that the two actresses are not done yet. That’s right! Forget about leaving the animosity behind, a recent exchange of words between the two has us convinced that the war is still on. And oh boy, it looks intense!


It all started when Rakhi said that she wished to see #JasLy wedding soon. She said, “Mujhe toh shanti tab milegi jab Aly Goni aur Jasmin ki shaadi ho. Kyuki main dil se chahati hoon ki unki shaadi ho. (I’ll get peace when Aly Goni and Jasmin get married. Because I want them to get married from their heart.)”

TBH, that’s sweet and we wish she had stopped then and there. But, Rakhi being Rakhi, went ahead and added, “Pata nahi karenge ki nahi. Jasmin ke daddy bhi to manney chahiye na. Mujhe nahin acha lagta pehle relationship mein raho, fir shaadi karo. (Don’t know if they would get married or not. They can’t get married without the approval of Jasmin’s dad. I don’t like the concept of being in a relationship before marriage).”


Obviously, these comments did not sit right well with Jas and she retorted with a personal attack on the actress. While interacting with paps, Jas said, “Rakhi ne toh kar hi liya na abhi tak. (As if Rakhi has done it already).” Well, we hear the sarcasm loud and clear, and wonder what Rakhi has to say about this.

The Naagin actress also added that she would marry her beau when the time is right and RN, they’re not rushing into anything. NGL, while we are waiting for these two to get hitched soon, we totes agree with Jas!


BTW, the couple doesn’t have any shaadi plans ATM, but they do have a wedding to attend. Yep, we are talking about Rahul and Disha’s big day. Jasmin said during a recent interview with a leading daily that while she couldn’t rehearse for her dance performance, she’s pretty psyched about the ceremony. She said, “I am very excited. I have to go for trials and see what I will wear to the wedding. Now I will go and select my outfit. Sundar dikhna hai na Rahul ki shaadi par (I have to look beautiful at his wedding).”

Well, we really hope that the actresses leave their grudges behind. On a side note, cannot wait to see Jas’s OOTD for #TheDisHulWedding.

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15 Jul 2021

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