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She Provoked Me: Jasmin Bhasin On Fights With Rakhi Sawant In Bigg Boss House

She Provoked Me: Jasmin Bhasin On Fights With Rakhi Sawant In Bigg Boss House

Jasmin Bhasin’s eviction from Bigg Boss 14 was quite shocking. And ever since her exit from the reality show, Jasmin has been dominating headlines with all her revelations about the gharwalas. During a recent interview, Jasmin opened up about her journey on Bigg Boss 14, her relationship with Aly Goni and her fights with Rakhi Sawant.

Now everything that the actress said about Aly Goni had us swooning, but what she said about Rakhi Sawant left us stumped! 


Speaking to a leading daily, Jasmin said that a lot of things that Rakhi Sawant did with her in the Bigg Boss house have not been aired. She claimed that Rakhi ‘physically’ provoked her by ‘touching and climbing’ on her body. Jasmine added that the dancer-actress tested her patience by saying ‘several cheap and vulgar things’ as well.


“It (fight with Rakhi) worked against me, and I think that was Rakhi’s purpose. She isn’t called the queen of reality shows for no reason. She knows when and how to provoke someone, and she managed to do that with me,” Jasmine said in another interview with a news agency.

Jasmin also pointed out that Rakhi had failed to inform the housemates about ‘the sensitivity on her face or her surgery’. She further added that she had no intention to hurt Rakhi but at the same time the injury was not genuine.


“Since there was no intent to hurt her, and she got injured because of the duck head or after banging the table, I somewhere feel she is not being genuine about the injury. When ‘Bigg Boss’ gave her an option to go out for the treatment, she refused. I didn’t feel any difference in her nose. It was the same, just like before,” said Jasmin. The actress added that she has ‘no regrets’ about whatever happened as she was standing up for herself.


Things turned ugly between Rakhi and Jasmin after she made derogatory remarks about Rakhi’s cosmetic surgery. However, it didn’t just stop there, the Naagin actress went as far as forcibly making Rakhi wear the duck face mask which injured her nose.

But it wasn’t just the lack of compassion and empathy that made us all angry, it was the fact that in spite of being a righteous person herself, Jasmin failed to acknowledge her mistake or apologise to Rakhi. Instead, she went on to mock Rakhi for crying and accused her of doing natak. And we couldn’t be more disappointed by Jasmin’s behaviour. 


Well…we’ve seen a lot of Rakhi-Jasmin fights and we’ve heard the ‘provoke’ excuse before and we’ve also witnessed Jasmin bullying the actress-dancer. So, we just have to point out that these revelations still don’t justify Jasmin’s behaviour. What do you think fam? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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13 Jan 2021

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